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Nanogen Launch Brings Revolutionary Cannabis and Hemp Nano Emulsions to Mainstream Food, Beverage, Health and Beauty Markets

New nano-emulsion technology company takes oil from plants, makes it customizable and scalable for easy and cost-effective entry into existing supply chains

OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nanogen Labs, Inc. announced its launch today as a state-of-the-art nano-emulsion company that develops nanoE™ to enhance the water compatibility and bioavailability of cannabinoids. The patent-pending formulas have industry-leading stability, clarity, and taste that allows food, beverage, health, beauty, wellness and other companies to control the effectiveness, look, and flavor of products at scale.

“As head of product development, utilizing Nanogen as our active ingredient really ticked all of my boxes,” said Clayton Coker from the craft cannabis company Somatik. “It's super easy to incorporate into my products without any specialized equipment or really technical procedures. You basically add it, stir it, and you're done. We have the confidence we'll pass potency testing and our products have an incredibly fast onset time. Lastly, it was non-negotiable that we had an infusion process that was flavorless and Nanogen solved that issue.”

As cannabis products continue pushing their way into the mainstream, the potential of cannabis is no longer a bet for businesses. Companies looking to innovate and expand their product offerings can now add best-in-class cannabinoid emulsions to their product without draining valuable R&D resources or shifting employee focus from current operations.

“Companies exploring cannabinoid emulsions have traditionally run into a variety of challenges with licensing agreements or one-size-fits-all solutions that put the work back on the company to build their products around the emulsion. Instead, Nanogen works directly with companies to customize emulsions that work specifically to meet their product goals,” said Ben Larson, CEO of Nanogen and formerly Managing Partner of cannabis startup accelerator Gateway. “We are experts in our craft with science at our core, and we’re excited to explore the limitless possibilities with our customers.”

nanoE™ is available to purchase in bulk as accurately dosed active ingredients, making it easy for everyone from start-ups to large-scale product manufacturers to purchase what they need, when they need it. Nanogen’s products have five key differentiators:

  • Bioavailability: State of the art nano-emulsification technology results in consistent and controllable droplet sizes ranging from 20 to 100 nanometers depending on the solution and use. Water-compatible solutions are up to eight times more bioavailable than conventional oils with an average onset of less than 10 minutes.
  • Customization: Nanogen works closely with customers to understand the application, ingredients, and desired experience of their product to provide the unique taste, clarity, mouthfeel and effect.
  • Stability: nanoE™ emulsifications have no separation, sedimentation, or droplet size increases in over three years. nanoE™ will outlast the other ingredients in a product.
  • Quality: nanoE™ solutions are all lab tested to ensure they are free of solvents, heavy metals, fungicides, pesticides, and microbes. All emulsion ingredients are FDA approved and use top quality materials in the formula. No animal parts, no GMO, gluten free.
  • Scalability: The Nanogen team has produced nano-emulsions at industrial scale and can offer economics where other technologies can’t. Further, their in-process ingredients can be easily integrated to any manufacturing process using existing machinery. This is critical as they help new product categories scale into the mainstream.

Nanogen Team

  • Stemming from his expertise as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and startup adviser, Ben Larson built an impressive leadership team at Nanogen with extensive backgrounds in science and technology, and proven experience taking products from the drawing board to store shelves. Larson co-founded Gateway Incubator, an early stage venture program investing in the cannabis industry.
  • Harold Han is the Chief Scientist and is heading up Nanogen’s research labs. Formerly a senior scientist at a top life science laboratory, Han led the development and production of emulsions for the ddPCR system, which is supplied to over 90 countries and thousands of labs around the world.
  • David Julian McClements, a Distinguished Professor at the Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts and a foremost expert in nano-emulsions in food, will serve as an advisor to the Nanogen team.
  • Austin Stevenson, Vice President of Product & Innovation, brings a wealth of experience in early stage company growth, regulatory testing and supply chain management. Prior to Nanogen, Stevenson built the regulatory hemp/CBD testing program at Eurofins, was an early member of California’s first Cannabis Benefit Corporation, Humboldt Legends, and gained investment experience in micro-finance at Citigroup.

About Nanogen
Nanogen creates industry-leading active ingredients for infused product makers. Our patent pending nano-emulsions are carefully designed for the specific needs of each of our customers. Our pre-suspended aqueous solutions empower you to create incredibly homogeneous and stable products while maximizing bioavailability, clarity, and taste. We work closely with you and our lab partners throughout the manufacturing process to achieve target potency and accelerate your products to market.

Nanogen Press Inquiries:
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(925) 660-7539

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