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Cameron Randolph Joins Blockchain Identity start-up Vouch as Chief Strategy Officer

ATLANTA, Feb. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vouch is proud to announce the newest addition to the senior management team, Cameron Randolph, as Chief Strategy Officer.

Cameron brings 30+ years of experience in helping early-stage technology companies establish market leadership with new innovations in digital product creation, mobile, web, social media, e-commerce and CRM.  Cameron joins Vouch from Mutual Mobile, a digital design and engineering agency located in Austin, TX, where he was Chief Client Officer.

“Cameron’s recent experience working with leading brands such as Under Armour, Purina, Humana, and Toyota to create some of the most innovative digital strategies and products we’ve seen in connected home, connected fitness and business to consumer applications is a huge win for Vouch,” said Vouch CTO Anthony Maley. 

As Chief Strategy Officer, Cameron will lead sales, marketing, and branding for Vouch with the responsibility for defining and articulating company strategy, positioning, and uniqueness in the market, as well as the go-to-market plan.

“We’ve developed some incredibly transformational technology working in stealth mode over the last year and a half. Bringing Cameron in to help us commercialize the technology and grow the company is tremendously exciting and a perfect match with our global workforce,” said Maley.

Vouch’s technology platform incorporates blockchain, smart policies and smart device technologies that are used to create intelligent products for their customers.

With digital identity theft and hacking at huge scale practically a daily headline, Vouch has a tremendous opportunity to use these new technologies to help brands and companies not only protect themselves and their customers but also to build incredibly disruptive products and services that integrate these innovative technologies directly into their existing offerings.

“The use of blockchain for products that are not crypto-currency is also exciting. I and many others are looking at blockchain with an equal level of disruptive possibility that the internet itself brought to our lives.  The fact that Anthony and his engineering team had come up with technology so fundamentally necessary and transformative in the form of a blockchain-based identity system seemed like the most interesting and exciting next step in my career journey that I could imagine, calling me to come and join the team,” said Randolph.

About Vouch

Vouch is an Atlanta-based technology company focused on helping customers create intelligent applications and processes by eliminating human identity and digital authenticity risk. 

Vouch technology enables new user experience, and security possibilities for customer applications using its breakthrough blockchain-based identity and intelligence platform. 

Vouch Zero Password, the first product built using the Vouch Platform, is a human-centered blockchain identity system for login, authentication & identity protection.  Vouch Zero Password makes access to any digital account as simple as picking up a smart device, completely eliminating the need for passwords.  With Vouch Zero Password, you don’t need to remember anything - you just need to be yourself.

Founded in 2018, Vouch unites human & digital identities for absolute trust.

Vouch is part of the VDart Group of companies which includes VDart Inc, a global digital staffing and solutions provider, VDart Digital, a digital transformation consultancy, and Ledgr, a blockchain consultancy.

Visit us at:

Venus Clarke
Cell: 404-216-3796

Source: Vouch