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Learn 4 Popular Painting Styles with Marcula Stauffer

Marcula Stauffer

Experienced artist, Marcula Stauffer, explains common themes used in fine art.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2019 / -- Museums and galleries hold a vast array of magnificent artwork from different artists around the world. Each professional has a unique perspective and a preferred style of painting.

As a viewer, art can become even more fascinating with a background on some popular painting styles that can help you better understand the landscape. After years of experience, Marcula Stauffer shares four common painting styles found in fine art galleries.

1. Realism

This form of art is also commonly called naturalism. Realism can be identified when the painter tries to create something that realistically depicts natural life. A viewer will typically find this type of artwork without large distortions. This style of painting generally applies to outdoor landscapes, portraits of people, and real-life situations. Marcula Stauffer also notes that realism is a very popular form of sharing history, dating back hundreds of years.

2. Abstract

At first, the viewer may not know exactly what they’re looking at. The beauty of abstract art is that it’s a very expressive form of painting for the creator. According to Marcula Stauffer, abstract art does not need to follow any guidelines or depict any real life situation. That means the canvas is truly open to interpretation and embodies a pure form of creativity. Many famous artists like Pablo Picasso are known for this expressive style of painting.

3. Surrealism

Back in the 1920’s, a French writer named André Brenton started the concept of surrealism. This style of artwork is inspired by fantasy and dreams, or the subconscious, where you can find common things outside of their usual element. Spanish artist, Salvador Dalí, is well known for his unusual artwork, some of which depict melting instruments. Marcula Stauffer best explains surrealism as life that tries to be weird and break out of reality.

4. Pop Art

This style of art dates back to the 1950’s and is inspired by consumerism in American culture. You can find this both inside and outside of the museum in things like advertising, comic books, and food labels. Marcula Stauffer notes that there is really no hidden meaning to this colorful technique, and it is currently one of the most popular styles of modern art. Pop art can be described as quirky and fun, and is one of the most recognizable styles of art due to its unique characteristics. used this style regularly and is very famous for his contributions to the art community.

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