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Japan Atomic Power Company Joins EPRI’s Nuclear Research Program

/EIN News/ -- Palo Alto, Calif., Feb. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) announced today that the Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC) has joined its nuclear research program as a full member. JAPC now has access to a wide array of EPRI research results and technical guidance that can inform the safe, reliable and cost-effective operation of JAPC’s commercial nuclear power plants. EPRI’s collaborative research approach also ensures that with each new member, new operational experience and lessons learned are gathered and shared with the broader nuclear industry.

JAPC, which is jointly owned by Japan’s major electric utilities, constructs, operates and decommissions nuclear plants in Japan. JAPC also collaborates with countries in Asia, Europe and the United States to introduce new and support current nuclear power generation.

“Access to the extensive research results, tools and solutions from EPRI’s nuclear sector, as well as our active participation in various interactive and collaborative programs, workshops and training courses will enhance our engineering capabilities and help meet challenges to operate our plants in a safe, efficient and economical manner,” said Taiki Ichimura, JAPC Executive Vice President. “The global reach of EPRI’s collaborative efforts will also allow our nuclear experts to further support nuclear generation all over the world.”

JAPC is a pioneer of the nuclear industry in Japan. It built the country’s first commercial nuclear plant, Tokai, commissioned in 1966, and its second commercial plant, Tsuruga Unit 1, commissioned in 1970, both since permanently shut down. Its existing two units – Tokai Dai-ni (a boiling water reactor) and Tsuruga Unit 2 (a pressurized water reactor) – were shut down by Japan’s nuclear regulator following the Fukushima Daiichi accident. JAPC is working on restart processes for both plants, pending safety assessments.

JAPC expects to derive many benefits from full nuclear membership. “As a participant in several of our individual programs, JAPC has been actively using our research in materials reliability, boiling water reactors and steam generators, radiation safety, nuclear maintenance, nondestructive evaluation and water chemistry,” said Neil Wilmshurst, EPRI Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer. “Now they will have access to even more, such as instrumentation and control, risk and safety, long-term operations, fuels research and advanced nuclear technology, among others.”


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Electric Power Research Institute

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