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5 Techniques for Handling Objections in Sales Calls with Carolin Soldo

Carolin Soldo

International Coaching Guru, Carolin Soldo, Helps You Close Deals Right Away

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2019 / -- It’s no secret that making sales calls can be tough, especially when the potential client gives objections to your offer. The truth is, objections should be an expected component of sales conversations. By learning specific negotiation strategies, you can easily eliminate excuses and client fear like a pro.

With more than ten years of experience in the professional coaching business, Carolin Soldo understands that initial objections happen when a potential client is contemplating your offer. Instead of feeling offended or discouraged by an objection, give yourself at least 15 minutes to talk your prospect through the decision. Be authentic in your sales pitch while expressing confidence that they’ll get the results they truly want. As Carolin Soldo says, “the most certain person wins.”

1. Present Price in Relation to Outcome

Always present the price in relationship to the result your potential client told you they’re looking for. Instead of selling the duration or what’s included, sell your prospect on the overall outcome of the offer.

“Expecting the objection is a good thing,” says Carolin Soldo. “It will help them feel understood and heard when you acknowledge the objection and ask them if they’re open to having a conversation about it.”

2. Use the Client’s Story

Relate this potential client to success stories of past clients who were on a similar journey. If you haven’t had many clients, it’s always okay to bring up your own personal story.

Carolin Soldo shares, “When I was a new coach, I would bring up my own experiences, struggles and successes to show my clients that I knew exactly how to get results for myself, and that’s why I could get results for them as well.”

3. Highlight Results - Downplay Obstacles

Many potential clients have fear of committing time and following through. They are doubting themselves and their ability to achieve the results they’re looking for. Confidently reassure the potential client by getting their focus off of what it’s going to take and instead on what they can have when it’s over.

4. Target Pain

During a sales conversation, explore pain areas to get to the bottom of why this prospect is even on the phone with you. Chances are they have urgent problems or issues they would like to be resolved, whatever that may be.

“You want to bring pain points back into the conversation because you know the truth,” says Carolin Soldo. “You’re a mirror in that conversation saying: this is what you told me. This is reality right now, let’s go and fix it.”

5. Get Real

If you feel the prospect is making up excuses, ask them to be honest and explain what’s really going on. This is your chance to be passionate and express genuine concern while reminding them of their tremendous potential. You’ve gotten to know the prospect on this phone call, use the trust you’ve built to find answers.

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