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Steven R. Pietro addresses concerns surrounding support for struggling veterans

Steven R Pietro

Steven Pietro

Native American service-disabled veteran owned business co-founder Steven R. Pietro addresses concerns surrounding support for former military personnel.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2019 / -- With military veterans at a vastly increased risk of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction to drugs and alcohol, the strain placed upon service members is now widely accepted as a significant contributing factor toward numerous mental health problems common among former military personnel. That's according to veteran support advocate Steven R. Pietro, owner and co-founder of Justice Government Supply, Inc.

"Being in a combat situation and finding themselves separated from family, friends, and loved ones can be incredibly stressful for many service members," explains Pietro.

More problematic still, he points out, is that this stress—which can manifest itself as anxiety or depression—often has a lasting effect, even long after service has been completed. "Many thousands of veterans are plagued by post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction to alcohol and drugs as a result of the struggles faced during and immediately following active service," says Pietro.

It's with this in mind that the veteran support advocate and co-founder of Native American service-disabled veteran owned military food supplies business Justice Government Supply, Inc. is pushing for change. "There are a great number of fantastic charities and organizations which exist to assist struggling veterans, but many former military personnel find themselves shying away from such help," he explains.

Instead, Pietro believes that the most vital care begins in the community. "By identifying and then assisting in preventing our veterans from spiraling into the oftentimes inescapable hole of depression which is invariably accompanied by drug or alcohol abuse, we're able to create a stable platform on which to grow in a positive manner," suggests the Justice Government Supply, Inc. co-founder.

He continues, "Isolation from friends, family, and loved ones—combined with increasingly deteriorating mental and physical health, sometimes resulting in homelessness—are all areas where we can, as a community, offer assistance, thereby supporting these incredible men and women in living the lives they deserve to enjoy."

Following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are now over 18 million veterans living in the United States. Furthermore, of the country's male population aged 75 years and over, more than 45 percent are veterans, many of whom still struggle with the aftereffects of their time in the military.

"Having offered up their own lives to protect and serve our country and our way of life, our invaluable veterans are heroes of the greatest magnitude and are wholly deserving of every shred of help and support which we can offer to them in their own times of need," advises Steven Pietro.

Providing or helping to facilitate counseling and group sessions, he says, as well as supporting veterans through times of financial hardship, food insecurity, or where they may find themselves at risk of homelessness, are just a few of the ways in which local communities can help.

"More often than not, simply being available to talk to someone during times of difficulty is all that's required; for a veteran to know that someone actually cares and is listening," adds Steven R. Pietro, wrapping up.

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