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Tips for Handling Unruly Tenants with Keri Nettles

Keri Nettles

Kerri Nettles

OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2019 / -- Renting properties sometimes means dealing with difficult renters, but according to Keri Nettles there are certain things you can do to mitigate problematic tenants.

If you’re in the property game then sooner or later you’re going to find yourself face-to-face with a difficult and unruly tenant. You know the type we’re referring to; the ones that pay late, complain about every last fixture and make a ton of noise despite the lease agreement explicitly stating that it’s forbidden. While most people are genuinely nice, it’s important to take steps for the day you inevitably have to confront one who’s not. For that reason, and with the help of Keri Nettles, a real estate agent with years of experience, we’ve put together this short list of tips that can help manage unruly tenants.

Hire a property manager

According to Keri Nettles a property manager is one of the most effective and easiest ways of dealing with an unruly tenant. It’s essentially a way of erecting a barrier or middleman between you and them. A property manager will be extremely experienced in handling any problems that a tenant might have, which will you save from having to deal with them directly.

Vet and pre-qualify your tenants

“Pre-qualifying your tenants is a great way of finding out what type of people they are before you let them move in.” Keri Nettles says. “If they have any previous antisocial or disruptive history, then this will tell you in advance that they have a chance of being problematic, allowing you the choice of picking other tenants.” When vetting potential tenants, check that they have sufficient income to pay for the property rent, if they have any sort of eviction history and whether or not they have a criminal record. These will all contribute to whether or not you choose to let them rent with you.

Ensure that your lease is watertight

According to Keri Nettles, you want your lease to be absolutely bulletproof. Ensure that the terms and conditions of rental are exactly the way you want them; that way, if a tenant is in the wrong and comes to you with complaints, you can show explicitly why you’re not to be blamed or at fault. Understand that since this is your property and you want them to take care of it that you will include as many clauses as necessary to ensure that in the event of disruptive behavior, you can evict them and find new tenants.

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