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Steven R. Pietro uncovers troubling societal challenges faced by U.S. veterans

Steven R. Pietro

With veteran unemployment and homelessness an ongoing problem in the U.S., military food supplies business owner Steven R. Pietro is committed to change.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, January 16, 2019 / -- An ardent and long-standing supporter of America's armed forces and, in particular, its struggling veterans, Justice Government Supply, Inc. owner and founder Steven R. Pietro is looking to assist those in need from his current base in Florida. A Native American service-disabled veteran owned business, Justice Government Supply, Inc. is proud to serve the women and men of the U.S. armed forces stationed globally with a complete catalog of the finest roasts, steaks, select butcher chops, and more.

"Readapting to civilian life following military service can be incredibly difficult for many veterans," explains Pietro, who is actively seeking out those who may be in need of support having encountered troubling societal difficulties following military service.

Pietro plans to offer support chiefly through assisting in the sourcing of safe, clean accommodation and by helping to place struggling veterans in secure, much-needed jobs via which they are then able to support themselves and their families. "Reliable, well-paid work has been shown time and time again to furnish struggling veterans with a new purpose and meaning in life following active duty, and often filling a void which all too often comes to light once back in civilian surroundings which can be difficult to readjust to," he adds.

Many civilian jobs, he goes on to explain, also often fail to deliver anything close to the fulfillment and purpose afforded by former military roles. "Veterans who have enjoyed a distinguished career of military service and have completed multiple tours of duty can find it extremely tough to unlock a true sense of purpose in civilian life after having spent many, many years forming almost incomparable bonds with their fellow servicemen and servicewomen," says Pietro.

Accordingly, many veterans go on to struggle with mental health problems, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction to drugs and alcohol. A fight against addiction, a struggle to find work, to find suitable housing, or to assimilate back into regular family life are, Pietro says, among four of the most significant societal challenges currently facing veterans today.

"As such, it's important that we, as a community, are committed to supporting our incredible veterans," the Justice Government Supply, Inc. founder adds, "and, in particular, look to support the necessary roles and careers which are best able to afford the satisfaction, purpose, and all-round fulfillment which they encountered during their former military roles."

He continues, "By supporting veterans in securing a new trade which allows them to afford safe, comfortable housing, we're putting these wonderful men and women on the best possible path toward learning new skills, and, at the same time, toward securing a place to call home while they begin on a new path in life."

"Furthermore," Steven R. Pietro adds, wrapping up, "it's important that we seek to help build crucial bonds of brotherhood and friendship which are vital in easing or preventing many of the societal challenges faced by veterans, and something which many find themselves in great need of following their final tours of duty."

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