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Hi-Tek Media Announces a Partnership with iSIGN Media Corp. for Mobile Messaging and Security Alert Messaging

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hi-Tek Media is proud to announce a partnership with iSIGN Media Corp. (“iSIGN”)  (TSX-V: ISD) (OTC: ISDSF), to provide marketing services to mobile devices, combined with Security Alert Messaging (“SAM”) in specific metropolitan areas in the United States. Hi-Tek Media will integrate iSIGN’s innovative proprietary Smart Antenna hardware and SAM solutions to be installed on stationary and mobile platforms to provide unique marketing solutions combined with security alert messaging.

To create this first of its kind network in the U.S., Hi-Tek Media is constructing mobile networks using iSIGN’s high technology hardware aboard emergency vehicles. The system provides broad coverage across specifically chosen locations and delivers an innovative partnership of SAM and commercial marketing delivery.

“Because the network is installed on emergency vehicles, it can remain operable during a crisis and will include a disaster mode that will interrupt marketing functions in a crisis,” said Hi-Tek Media CEO Michele Bedwell. “The network plan for 2300 Smart Antenna units will provide for improved public safety while offering a valuable new way for businesses to reach new customers and offer them integrated connectivity across social media and the web.”

Hi-Tek Media has chosen its home state of Nevada for the first network launch, with plans to expand to Texas, Illinois and Massachusetts during the first quarter of 2019. Planned expansions include eleven (11) states by end of 2019. 

The marketing element of this program comes with commitments from Hi-Tek Media to make iSIGN’s SAM, the public safety element, the first priority.

Hi-Tek’s expectations, based on clients and their operations in Nevada, Texas, Illinois and Massachusetts is that 1,000 SAM licenses as well as 1,000 Smart Antennas would be required during the first year of the partnership.  Revenue expectation for the first 24 months of the partnership is anticipated to be approximately $2.9 million.

About Hi-Tek Media
Hi-Tek is a full-service digital marketing company with 21 years of experience in marketing.  Hi-Tek is uniquely positioned to provide cutting edge marketing, digital production and media management.

About iSIGN Media
iSIGN media, based in Toronto, Canada, is a data-focused, software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is a pioneer in gathering point of sale data and mobile shopper preferences to generate actionable data and reveal valuable consumer insights. iSIGN has leveraged their technological expertise to become the leading provider of interactive, mobile advertising and public security alert solutions. Partners include IBM, Keyser Retail Solutions, Baylor University, Verizon Wireless, TELUS, and Conservaco.

Media Contact
Michelle Bidwell

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