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Palo Alto Innovation Announces Node-ify Axon, First Universal Sensor to Make Everyday Objects Smarter

The company is also shipping its most popular product, the Sandman Doppler smart clock, in summer of 2019

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Palo Alto Innovation, a startup solving everyday consumer problems with efficient and cost-effective products, announces its new brand at CES 2019 – Node-ify. The Node-ify Axon will be the first product rolling out and is the first universal sensor that allows users to measure, alert and control everyday objects – turning anything into a smart device.

Axon is the first universal smart home sensor that allows users to take everyday products around their home (i.e. couch, refrigerator, dog bowl, etc.) and bring them into the 21st century. Axon has very long-range transmissions with low power consumption and a myriad of internal built-in sensors that can determine temperature, water, humidity, light, sound, touch and motion – along with infinitely expandable sensor add-ons. These add-ons allow Axon to be customizable and evolve with the sensor marketplace. Axon connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to a mobile app on the user’s smartphone with an unlimited number of ways to monitor, detect, notify, trigger or automate various functions to make just about any product in the home smart, such as:

  • Place Axon in the refrigerator or freezer to alert you if the temperature gets too warm
  • Place Axon under the sink, washer/dryer, refrigerator, to detect and alert if a leak starts
  • Place Axon near a gate, door or window in the home to notify when/if opened
  • Place Axon under a toothbrush holder to determine if your child actually brushed his or her teeth (i.e. measures the weight of the toothbrush being taken out of the holder)
  • Place Axon under the dog bowl to alert you if food or water is low and how much was consumed

“One of our goals at Palo Alto Innovation is to create products that will increase the value and usability of everyday objects around your home,” said Alex Tramiel, co-founder and CEO of Palo Alto Innovation. “We’ve noticed an influx of normal household items that have become enhanced with smart features, but are always accompanied with an expensive price tag. We created the Node-ify Axon to take normal household items and make them smart at a much more affordable price.”

In addition to Axon, Palo Alto Innovation will also be featuring the Sandman Doppler and Original Sandman, the company’s popular alarm clock brand at the show. The Doppler is currently available for pre-order starting at $119 and will ship in summer of 2019. The Original Sandman clock is available on Amazon and Sandman Clocks for $19.99. Axon will make its debut at CES 2019, available for demonstrations along with the Sandman Doppler and the Original Sandman at Palo Alto Innovation’s booth 41964 and Unveiled.

For more information on the Node-ify brand, visit and for more information on Palo Alto Innovation, visit:

About Palo Alto Innovation
Founded in March 2015, Palo Alto Innovation focuses on making life easier, one gizmo at a time. The company solves everyday consumer problems with efficient and cost-effective products. Their most notable of products, the Sandman and Sandman Doppler, are smart clocks made for the twenty-first century. The contemporary, neutral design combines intuitive controls with the largest auto-adjustable display of its type, integrated cable management, and multiple USB ports to keep several consumer devices charged and ready to go.

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