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Boomer Boost Health Supplement

Boomer Boost Health Supplement Reverses Health Decline

ST. PETERBURG, FL, USA, January 4, 2019 / -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2018
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Boomers Forever Young

Boomer Boost Health Supplement Reverses Health Decline

St. Petersburg, Florida: Larry Daudelin and Bob Gilpatrick have teamed up to develop a revolutionary system of health supplements for men and women over 40. Bob, a holistic health therapist, was discouraged with seeing so many seniors in poor health despite taking numerous vitamins and prescription medications, so he designed his own nutrition system. After Larry experienced firsthand the dramatic results of Bob’s programs, the two decided to form a partnership to further develop his methods in order to share them with others in similar situations.

When Larry, age 65 at the time, approached Bob looking for solutions to improve his rapidly declining health, Bob introduced him to his personal health plan and the results were immediate and dramatic. Larry lost 50 Lbs of excess weight, experienced an increase in energy and strength, changed his random supplemental vitamin intake,, and eventually had two scheduled surgeries canceled. He suddenly felt healthier than he had in years. After his Doctors saw his dramatic improvement they helped him to eliminate his prescription medications.

“Ecstatic at his dramatic turnaround, Larry suggested that Boomers Forever Young be created so the protocols that helped him could be used to help many other people. One of the goals was to help people eliminate the 20 bottles of vitamin pills that cause confusion and improper dosing.”

The two joined forces and, with the help of numerous doctors and scientists, spent over a year creating a comprehensive nutrition program, Involving carefully-crafted ratios of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, and specialty nutrients, Boomer Boost restores metabolic pathways and restores health to that of a younger age. However, the real breakthrough came when they consulted with a horticultural scientist who introduced them to a product made from ancient barley seed line that contains never seen amounts of super oxide dismutase and pre-digested protein. Now known as Gladiator Barley , this incredible supplement specializes in cleansing the small intestine and increasing the absorption of nutrients. When Bob and Larry discovered that Gladiator Barley helped to increase absorption rates from 15% to 95%, they realized how effective the combination could become.

“As Larry and our first clients started to take Boomer Boost and Gladiator Barley together, we realized that the combination of these two products was even more dramatic than we had hoped. Now for the first time in history, by combining Gladiator Barley and Boomer Boost together, people could get all of the nutrition they need at an affordable price.” Available exclusively through Boomers Forever Young, Boomer Boost and Gladiator Barley will change the way you age and restore you back to robust health.

About Boomers Forever Young

Boomers Forever Young offers a comprehensive nutrition program designed to help those over 40 improve their health, lose weight, and reverse the effects of aging. Using their unique combination of nutrients, the Boomers Forever Young health regimen can provide results, unlike anything that can be achieved through the use of random supplemental vitamin intake.

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