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History-based Travel Provides Immersive, Life-Changing Experiences

Essential History Expeditions Offers Memorable, Educational Tours

Denver, Colorado, Nov. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It’s one thing to learn about history, but it’s quite another to experience it. Essential History Expeditions (EHE) brings guests to historic sites throughout the world to actively experience the location, walking in the footsteps of those who have gone before and enjoying the cultural treasures of today.



With the vision and execution of husband-and-wife team Dr. Brian DeToy and Sheryl Rankin Shafer, EHE is not your typical tour company. Guests encounter sites first-hand on location with vivid and detailed storytelling led by Dr. DeToy, often creating a deep emotional connection while enjoying a seamless vacation organized by Sheryl Shafer.


EHE focuses each year on a few highly-crafted tours with engaged guests. Among others, previous destinations have included Cuba, Normandy [D-Day], WWI France, and Vietnam. The secret to each trip’s success is the combined talents of DeToy, an expert historian-guide, and Shafer, EHE’s expedition director. DeToy is both a former US Army Lieutenant Colonel and the recipient of a Doctorate in History from Florida State University. DeToy taught History and Strategic Studies at West Point for 11 years, has published numerous papers, and been featured on the History Channel, Discovery, A&E, and others. Shafer brings a diverse leadership experience and ensures that the needs of every guest are met. Among her educational achievements is an MA in Education Leadership, Policy and Politics from Columbia University.


EHE boasts incredibly strong reviews and excellent word-of-mouth buzz from previous participants. More than fifty percent of guests register for a second tour and over 18 percent have taken three or more trips. Currently, EHE maintains an impressive perfect 5-star rating on Yelp.


For many participants, the tour involves an emotional opportunity to connect with a loved one’s experiences. Jerry Poslusny, who has participated in expeditions to Cuba and France with his wife Jackie, shared the following from a centennial World War One expedition: “Jackie’s great Uncle Jake served in the 5th Division. In the course of the tour, through extensive research and extra effort, Brian placed us near a small woods within 100 yards of Uncle Jake’s crossing a battlefield and he described the events in great detail. This was incredibly emotional for Jackie and heart-rending for the group as a whole.” It is that degree of individual specificity that is a hallmark of the Essential History Expeditions experience.


Kristin Neely is another repeat guest. She and her husband have participated in tours of Normandy, Cuba, and Gettysburg, among others. Of her trip to Pearl Harbor for the 75th commemoration, Kristin said, “We traveled with a veteran who was onboard the USS Maryland that day, and we were able to attend several private events with him. Being with our veteran as he visited the USS ArizonaMemorial for the first time was incredibly emotional.”


Brian’s storytelling skills and breadth of history and cultural knowledge make every trip engaging. Participants feel like they are going back in time. “I have an indelible memory of Brian putting us in patrol formation in the hedgerows of Normandy,” Kristin recalled. “As we marched, I became a tired, scared soldier, feeling the fear of not knowing if a German machine gun was around the next hedgerow.”


John Coen, a participant in one Normandy expedition, had a similar experience. “By telling the stories of certain soldiers, Brian provides the perspective of the individual within the story of the overall campaign. It provides the traveler with a sense of immediacy that deepens the understanding of the events that occurred.” On the vacation aspect of the trip, John continued, “Since our five kids are now between ages 27 and 17, it was likely our last vacation with the whole family. ‘Perfect’ falls short of describing it. There were excellent accommodations, comfortable transportation to the sites, tasty meals, completely thorough presentations of the history with a personal touch and fine company to share. It all went off like clock-work, even bathroom breaks. Sheryl and Brian have this wired and are experts at their craft. Worth every dime and beyond our wildest expectations. We were thrilled to have this experience for our family. It was a stress-free trip and the standard by which all other vacations will be judged.”


Registrations for Essential History Expeditions’ 2019 journeys are open. Upcoming destinations include South Africa, Antietam and Gettysburg, and Normandy for the75th Anniversary of D-Day. Those interested can learn more on EHE’s website at or reach out to with any questions .

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