A New Tradition: Say Thanks to the Brands You Love

Families, Friends & Colleagues Encouraged to Answer “Brandsgiving Day Challenge”

WASHINGTON D.C., UNITED STATES, November 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- How often do people take the time to write a positive review of their local coffee shop, pharmacy, or any other brand that makes their lives better?

More commonly individuals flock to Twitter, Google, Yelp, OpenTable and other platforms when they are disgruntled, angry, or even seething. Every brand can have an off day, but the negative feedback can last a lifetime. Should a family bakery with a decade of great quality and service be run out of business because they were understaffed and dropped the ball when the team had the flu?

Hill Impact, a national brand and reputation strategy firm, is encouraging families, friends and colleagues to take 20-minutes over the Thanksgiving break to sit together to discuss the brands they love and take action by writing three online reviews. The positive love for a local mechanic who helps keep you safe on the road or a pediatrician who took the extra time to answer all your questions can greatly impact a company. Take the extra step of sharing reviews on social media to show additional appreciation.

“I was having a great meal at a local restaurant this week when the conversation turned to a recent bad experience at another establishment, reminding me I needed to write a negative review,” said Dan Hill, Founder and CEO of Hill Impact. “That’s when it hit me: I’m receiving wonderful service and eating exceptional food but I’m only thinking about negatively reviewing something that happened elsewhere, days earlier. After a brief discussion, the table agreed that it would be fun to sit together and post positive reviews of the places we love . . . the idea grew from there.”

Hill encourages participants to be creative in answering the challenge by finding brands that are less obvious to review. A medication that is helping overcome depression, an airline that had excellent customer service or even a credit card company who was responsive in detecting fraud.

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. In a day and age when brands live under a microscope and regularly get pummeled, the Brandsgiving Day Challenge is a way to boost spirits while making a direct positive impact on a brand and its ability to survive, and even thrive, in a competitive landscape.

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