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Russell Horning’s Influence as Backpack Kid Continues to Grow

Russell Horning Backpack Kid

Russell Horning Backpack Kid

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA, USA, November 20, 2018 / -- Russell Horning, also known by his online character title “Backpack Kid,” has spread togetherness and encouragement for as long as he can remember. However, his legendary dances and his recent television performances have launched Horning into international fame.

Russell Horning has been a dancer for years, participating in his favorite extracurricular activity without thinking too much about it. He just loves to do it. It’s only within the last couple of years that the internet has grown to recognize his wacky dances, and only since his SNL performance last year that his fame truly took off. But he’s had some help getting there from celebrities you’re already familiar with.

Backpack Kid wanted to share his unique dances and style with the world, so he made dancing videos and posted them to social media to rave review. Another social media trend-setter with hundreds of thousands of followers picked up on Horning’s talent and shared a video on his wall, which boosted Backpack Kid’s reputation online. From there, legendary pop icon Rihanna discovered his video and did her part to spread awareness. After, Katy Perry picked up on his talents and invited Horning onto the SNL stage for a live performance of her hit single “Swish Swish.”

If most people hadn’t seen “the Floss” before then, the iconic dance Horning popularized, millions tuned in for the live performance and spread the word shortly after. By the next day, the internet had exploded with news on the Floss, strangers from all over the country trying it out and posting their own attempts on social media.

The dance has gained wide recognition since, and a quick Google search will bring up dozens (if not hundreds) of videos of people trying out the Floss. The news has covered firemen entertaining kids with the Floss during fire drills and parents performing it hilariously alongside their children. The Floss is also popular with grade-school groups at pep rallies and dances.

Russell Horning Regularly Gives Back

Russell Horning uses his fame to spread togetherness, much as he always has, just on a grander scale now that millions of people know his name. He’s attended Zumba conferences, being a guest speaker on the importance of inclusion and friendship and giving the audience his iconic performance of the Floss. At an elementary school in Brooklyn, he arrived on stage with hundreds of backpacks filled with supplies for all the students before inviting them up to perform the Floss with him.

He’s a young guy with a big heart who’s using his fame to give back to the community. His dances are meme-worthy and taking off with younger generations, making him a crucial influence online. Thankfully, Russell Horning is just the role-model these kids may need.

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