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Introducing the New Liftr Cloud Insights

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DoubleHorn is relaunching Liftr News as Liftr Cloud Insights, an industry analyst service that will conduct deep research into cloud technologies, cloud services, and cloud computing trends. Liftr Cloud Insights research will provide customers with real-time insight, analysis, and data about specific cloud service providers as well as the cloud industry overall. 

What Is Liftr Cloud Insights 

Liftr Cloud Insights examines cloud infrastructure and platform as a service markets (IaaS and PaaS, respectively) daily to deliver unbiased comparisons of cloud service provider capabilities. 

Liftr Cloud Insights is based on the Liftr Cloud Distiller, the core of Liftr Cloud Insights’ multi-cloud comparison capability. Liftr Cloud Distiller enables fair comparisons between cloud service providers' products and services. It is the basis for the Liftr Cloud Index and Liftr Cloud Regions Map.  

The Liftr Cloud Index is Liftr Cloud Insights’ primary product, which offers analysis and data on the leading cloud service providers. The Liftr Cloud Index operates as an unbiased source of analysis about respective cloud service providers, based on measurable metrics including price, adaptability, workloads, security and more.  

Public cloud data is gathered both automatically and manually by the Liftr Cloud Insights team and is rolled into the Liftr Cloud Index calculations to produce the public scores posted daily. For Liftr Cloud Insights’ premium customers, the Liftr Cloud Index is also packaged as time series data that can be used for historic and forecast analysis. 

“We developed a platform and index that truly provides unique insight and analytics capabilities that will assist professionals with critical decision making,” said DoubleHorn CEO Tab Schadt. “Initially we focused on Investment, Provider and Enterprise user profiles when we built the Liftr Cloud Index so customers could react more quickly and make better sense of the enormous cloud industry. There will be more to come.”

In addition, Liftr Cloud Index premium customers will receive weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual summaries.  

The Liftr Cloud Regions Map is a visual exploration of each respective cloud service providers’ data center locations across the world  map, offering valuable information for customers deciding on which cloud service provider to choose from based on global presence and availability.  

Liftr Cloud Insights will continue its weekly video series, but will transition from the Liftr Roundup to the Liftr Cloud Look Ahead, a new format which will operate with a look-forward approach on the cloud industry. In addition, Liftr video interviews with leading cloud technology professionals will now be known as Liftr Cloud Close Ups. 

Bringing Valuable Cloud Industry Analysis

Liftr Cloud Insights delivers insightful analysis about the cloud to a multitude of people including companies, investors, and the cloud service providers themselves.  

Liftr Cloud Insights principal analyst Paul Teich is responsible for data collection on public clouds and refining that information into quantitative and qualitative analysis.  

“We are excited to deliver new analysis and services that will help the cloud ecosystem make better business, technology, and investment decisions,” said Teich. “Every day, our automated data collection process trawls the big and small changes in the cloud services market, so Liftr Cloud Insights can uncover important trends that matter to the industry." 

Teich attends key industry events to meet with cloud service providers, suppliers, partners, and their customers and presents real-time quantitative analysis on the cloud industry to all stakeholders involved.  

“Paul’s decade and a half experience in datacenter and cloud architecture, from chips to software infrastructure, give him a unique and insightful perspective," said Jim McGregor, Principal Analyst at TIRIAS Research. 

Liftr Cloud Insights is a DoubleHorn product line but is operated as an unbiased industry analyst service and is kept separate from the cloud brokerage business. For more information about Liftr Cloud Insights, visit 

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