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Barry Hersko offers tips on Relocating

Moving to a new city can be a challenge. With over 2 decades of Real Estate experience, Barry Hersko provides tips for finding a new home in a new city.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, November 13, 2018 / -- Moving can be tough, adding to the pressure is making sure you find the right home. Although renting a new home without living in the city can be a challenge, Barry Hersko has the expertise to guide you throughout the process.

With thoughtful planning, a great agent and a handful of tips to help guide you along the way, this journey can be a worthwhile and fruitful endeavor while finding your perfect home away from home in a new city.

Learn the local market before you decide to move is incredibly helpful and can give you an advantage when it comes time to look. Know the exact area you are hoping to live and expanding upon that while searching is key.

Another great tip is asking friends and colleagues who live in the city you hope to move to. Figure out exactly what people would recommend and then start to dive into what the rental process is like in that new specific area.

Some great questions to consider are when listings become available, how much is required for a deposit, the types of amenities available and the rule if any from the HOA.

“Keep in mind that these change from New York to Austin, so having a good idea of what you want before you start searching is key to finding the right home,” explained Barry Hersko. “You have to take every factor into consideration.”

Another great tool in the digital age is scoping out local real estate magazines and local blogs to help get a lay of the land. It’s also crucial to factor in your work commute when considering a move to a new city. Asking questions about the time it will take to get to work, and back home is vital when finding a new neighborhood. Google maps can be a great resource for canvassing new areas.

It’s important to remember that before you board a plane to go and visit these places that you really connect with a local agent via facetime and email to get a good feel for the person that will be showing you around. Don’t be afraid to share some personal facts about your life to help the agent better understand exactly what you are looking for.

It’s also crucial to have all of your documents in order showing your annual pay, proof of who you are, and information on your new job for when you move.

“It also never hurts to do your research on the type of building you are going to tour and the landlord or HOA as well,” explained Barry Hersko. “ You want to make sure that you feel welcomed and safe especially in a new city.”

Although moving to a new city can be intimidating, finding an expert agent to walk you through each of the steps will make the transition a seamless process. To learn more about Barry Hersko and more tips on real estate, click here.

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