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Jordan Gendelman explains how to perfectly incorporate gray into interior design

Jordan Gendelman

Cool shades of gray have enjoyed a surge in popularity within interior design recently.

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2018 / -- With gray furniture, wall coverings, accessories, and soft furnishings somewhat 'on trend' lately, the delicate subtlety of gray has seen it grace the pages of glossy interior design publications like never before. According to Jordan Gendelman, however, as a color in its own right, it remains largely overlooked. Gray, he says, all too often becomes a background color, or a base, rather than a point of focus.

For gray to really come alive, Jordan Gendelman—an interior designer based in Colorado—suggests that it must be used in large swathes. "Don't limit yourself to accessories or a single piece of furniture," he says.

Instead, Jordan Gendelman points toward gray flooring and gray kitchens, where masses of the color are allowed to rule a room, yet without dominating it. "Gray is an adaptable color, able to set almost any mood under the right circumstances," he adds.

For a dramatic look, for example, Jordan Gendelman suggests pairing large swathes of gray with touches of dark, rich tones such as midnight blue or aubergine. For a fresh, more vibrant look, meanwhile, he proposes incorporating bright greens and golden yellows. "Midnight blue, aubergine, and bright greens and yellows are all very different, yet all work beautifully in a room where gray is in abundance," adds the interior designer.

Other applications where gray can be utilized heavily and to great effect include bed linen, towels, and plush throws, says Jordan Gendelman. "Lighter grays work well in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways," he adds, "but don't shy away from utilizing darker grays in bedrooms and cozy living spaces."

Jordan Gendelman suggests pairing grays with metallic accents and accessories, and in particular, rose gold and polished nickel, but also notes how well warm, mid-gray tones work with oak and other wood finishes. "For a more industrial look, try pairing gray tones with brass fixtures and accessories," he adds.

"Gray is the perfect foundation for a variety of design schemes," says Jordan Gendelman, wrapping up, "but it should also be allowed to shine in its own right, such is the versatility and cool, soft subtlety of the color itself, so don't be afraid to try it."

Jordan Gendelman runs a successful interior design business alongside his brother, Bruce Gendelman. The Gendelman brothers are based in Colorado but serve clients across the U.S., from Los Angeles, California, to Palm Beach, Florida. Jordan and Bruce Gendelman specialize in both modern and period interiors delivered with a commitment to complete client satisfaction.

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