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John Lloyd II Dean Donates Over $20,000 to the American Legion

VILLAGE MILLS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2018 / -- Soldiers all around the world are some of the most important yet underappreciated workers within society. This is especially true within America, where military personnel are charged with protecting the country and maintaining national interests to ensure that the rest of the population remains safe and stable. John Lloyd Dean II, a businessman active in his community and looking to support those who have served, recognizes the importance of both the military and veterans, and, as such, has donated over $20,000 dollars to the American Legion in an effort to support this.

The Importance of Donation

Many organizations rely on donations to stay afloat. While governments around the world allocate a certain percentage of their budgets to support charities and those in need, in most cases it’s simply not enough to survive on, which is why many organisations seek public help. John Lloyd Dean II recognizes this, and understands why donations are so important. Not only to they give back to the country - and the servicemen - which have already given up so much for their fellow citizens, but helps to build immediate communities by funneling money directly back into local ecosystems.

About the American Legion

The American Legion is a U.S. veterans war association that exists for the purpose of mentoring the youth, sponsoring wholesome community building programs, promoting strong national security, and providing any and all support to service members and veterans, all the while advocating patriotism and devotion to service. Patriots and community members such as John Lloyd Dean understand the importance of such organisations, which is why they continue to donate significant sums of money that can help make a difference.

It’s important to note that the American Legion is a nonpartisan and non-profit organisation and enjoys considerable political influence due to its grassroots movements and programs implemented throughout the country. The Legion stands behinds veterans and advocates for the issues most pressing to the veteran community.

Who is John Lloyd Dean II?

John Lloyd Dean II is a family man first, a community member second and a businessman third. He is fortunate enough to be in a financially-stable space, and uses this position not for gain, but to help better his immediate community. He does this not only through financial contributions, but through hands on work and charity, such as volunteering at the SPCA.

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