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How to Make it As a Content Producer with Mohsen Khaial

Mohsen Khaial

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2018 / -- For many people in 2018, the idea of pursuing content production as a career is exciting and potentially prosperous. After all, it’s the era of smartphones and digital devices, and producing content is easier and more abundant than ever before. However, that doesn’t automatically equal success. Due to the saturation of the industry, you’re going to need more than an iPhone and a few free editing apps to create content that sells and gets shared. Mohsen Khaial, a successful content producer with his own agency, Creative Minds Firm, spoke to us about what it takes to become a successful content producer.

Get the skills

“Producing valuable content is about more than just shooting video.” Mohsen Khaial says. “You need an eye for what’s catchy; you need to understand angles and lighting; you need to know how to edit and write.” In short, you need the skills that go along with create content. Anyone and their mother can press play on their video app, but not everyone has the wherewithal to add effective sound to a video to add suspense, or how to use certain lenses to get favourable sun flair. Attending short courses is a great way to learn these skills, or, if you’re more self-motivated, structuring a course yourself on YouTube. As you start learning, you’ll notice your content start to get better straight away.

Have a story to tell

Mohsen Khaial has produced content for some of the biggest names on the market from P Diddy to Rick Ross, and one of his main takeaways from years of doing this work is to always have a story. People enjoy striking visuals, clever words and great shots, but they also love a story. It’s fundamentally built into our nature, and a strong narrative will go a long way to creating powerful content that leaves a lasting impact.

Know how to market yourself

Mohsen Khaial insists that creating great content is only half the battle, the other half is getting it distributed and seen. Knowing how to market yourself in crucial and will help you secure new clients and maintain healthy relationships with existing ones. Leverage social media - it’s your portal that lets you speak directly to consumers. Get other producers to feature your work, and network with like-minded individuals in your field for the most powerful impact possible.

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