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Takedown, The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown makes comeback in Brampton

Doug Ford eyeing the prize

The Peoples Guarantee Platform was unveiled at the convention

The Political Comeback of the Decade

PB is better off away from the PC Party's nest of vipers.These Keystone Kops of politics, couldn’t organize a secret stab-in-the-back conference call any better than they could a one-car funeral.”
— Christie Blatchford, National Post Newspaper
TORONTO, ON, CANADA, October 30, 2018 / -- Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown Hardcover $39.95

Who is on the right side of political history in Ontario?

Today, Optimum announces the Publishing date for Patrick Brown’s tell-all book Takedown, The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown. This searing critique of the rivals and colleagues who betrayed him, and the friends, family, and supporters who stood by him is a political story like no other.

In the most compelling political memoir this century, Brown takes you through his rise in politics, his successes and failures—and most importantly, the events that led to his swift fall from grace.

Even before the TV cameras went out, his closest advisors were headed for the exits, negotiating with rival campaigns that supposedly didn’t even exist. There’s no question that Brown was the victim of a smear job, but one paid for by whom? Liberal? PC Party? Bay Street? or rogue actors?


“I listened to my caucus, my team, my colleagues. I remember that early into the call, someone said, ‘Oh, that fucking Lisa has already gone out with a statement.’

"As I listened in, what I heard horrified me. Some of my colleagues had transformed into hyenas.”

Chapter 5 chronicles and captures Brown’s thoughts and emotions as he and Thompson (his communications director) listened to the caucus call for 20 minutes; until announcing they had been on the call for its entirety. This compelling chapter will take the reader through an emotional journey of what took place before and leading to his unintended resignation.

The secret caucus tape was obtained and released by Maclean's magazine in an exclusive expose a month
later. Our editorial team along with the author were able to fill in some of the gaps as to who was who on the call and what was said by each everyone. Patrick now gives his take on what was going on while he and Rebecca Thompson sat in silence for the first 20 minutes of that faithful call when the knives came out in earnest on that cold Winters night.

The book is a who's who of both the past Liberal and the PC government as well as the Conservative establishment both in Ontario and Ottawa.

A sample from the INDEX of all Indexes.

caucus, Conservative Party, 44, 45, 63, 64–65
caucus, Ontario PC
and climate change, 98–99
conference calls on Night of Knives, 146–61, 164
"dean" of, 260
on Fedeli as party leader, 214, 215
and inconsistencies in sexual misconduct allegations, 193–94
love and support for Elliott, 70, 80
MacLaren kicked out of, 254
and MacLeod's claims of rumours about PB, 203
PB's assessment of motives of, 162–64
PB's future in, 149, 229–30, 231, 243–44, 255
PB's reflections on his handling of, 253
relationship with MacLeod, 106
and sex education, 115
supports PB after sexual misconduct allegations, 172
supports PB in 2015 leadership race, 72–73, 78–79
CBC, 114, 117, 200, 204

The book is embargoed until November 15, when national syndication will run in multiple outlets.

A full media and book tour will commence upon release.

For interviews, media tour dates, and book signings, please contact or call 647-970-1973.

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