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How to market a law firm online: The complete guide

Even if you are a brick and mortar business, you should be investing in digital marketing, or you are leaving cash on the table.”
— Mary Ann Fasanella

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2018 / -- Don’t you feel that lately, marketing a business online is no longer just an option but something you have to do to stay in the game? When it comes to lawyers, many have not yet ventured into the space of internet marketing but are considering it.

Every business today employs digital marketing to bring in new clients and nurture the ones that are already on board. Even if you are a brick and mortar business, you should be investing in digital marketing, or you are leaving cash on the table.

Do you have a law firm that you want to build an online presence for? Here is a guide on how to get started.

Get a website:

If you have not done any online marketing before, the first step is to create a website for your law firm. You can hire a web designing company to do the job for you. While the designing aspect can be outsourced, the content that goes on your website will need particular attention. You will need to have some details about your law firm, like your experience in the field, areas of expertise, and the attorneys who are a part of your team.

Put on the website what you would like your prospective customers to know about your company. You will also need to put your firm’s contact information on the site like phone numbers, email address, office address, an online contact form and hours of operation. Make sure the website looks professional, is easy to navigate and is clutter free.

Make friends with Social Media:

Once your website is created, you need to build a presence for your firm on various social media platforms. Start by creating a Facebook page for your law firm, a LinkedIn profile as well as a Twitter handle. These social networks give you the chance to interact with customers and also give you a platform for spreading the word and online advertising.

For instance, Facebook advertising can get your law firm noticed by prospective clients. You can also choose the demographic based on age or location to target the right audience for your ads. Tweet regularly about legal aspects of current events or topics of interest, using hashtags to make sure your tweets are visible.

Make sure that you post links to your social media pages on your website so that your customers can follow your page and the activities on social media. At the same time, post a link to your site on your social media pages to increase traffic to your website. The idea is to improve SEO rankings. When someone searches for attorneys or law firms in your area, your firm’s name should be prominently displayed in the search ranking results.

Try blogging:

If you’ve never tried blogging before, give it a shot by starting a blog for your law firm. If your law firm specializes in personal injury lawsuits, for instance, you can start by blogging about the different cases your company has handled. You could write about do’s and don’ts or tips and suggestions for clients. Share the link to your blog on your website and your social media pages. As people start reading your blogs, they will understand your practice better and develop a certain amount of trust in your firm. And the more in-depth knowledge you share with them regarding their pain points, the more they are going to look up to you as an authority in the field.

Online directories:

Another way to market your firm online is by enlisting your services on online directories. Niche specific directories like Avvo,, and LegalMatch are an excellent place for you to be seen. So when someone goes to the index looking for an attorney, your law firm will show up on the list. This ensures that your company gets more visibility.

By using all these different media, you can create a strong presence for your law firm on the internet. This will take time to happen though, so don’t expect to see results instantly. By regularly updating your customers with relevant information about your firm and its activities you will build credibility in the field.

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Advisory Concept Evolvers (ACE) has more than 25 years' experience consulting in the Philadelphia legal community. Our passion lies in developing strong relationships with customized solutions that deliver high-impact outcomes for our firms. Over the years, we have become a trusted business and marketing advisor for law firms, leading them into digital pathways.

Our focus has always been helping firms achieve their goals while generating revenue that results in either new clients or cost-saving solutions. We are the go-to advisor for many law firms, helping them manage their digital footprint, in-house marketing, medical record retrieval, legal research contracts and the entire litigation lifecycle from early case assessment to courtroom presentation.

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