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Belgian businesspeople want Angolan diamonds - Ambassador Chikoty

Brussels, ANGOLA, October 27 - Belgian businesspeople are interested to buy Angolan diamonds, a quest that stimulates Angola to invest more and increase the production of this mineral, said last Friday in Brussels the Angolan ambassador to Belgium, Georges Chikoty.,

Georges Chicoty gave the information to Angolan journalists after  the audience he granted to the bishop of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World, Afonso Nunes, as part of the pilgrimage that believers of that congregation are making to that country from 22 to 30 October.


 According to Georges Chikoty, Angola only produces the equivalent of USD 1.2 billion diamonds per year, an amount considered insufficient for the current demand.


He also said there are companies that are proposing investments in the order of 1 billion dollars to be the only ones to act in this area.


With a view to increasing production in this sector, the Angolan authorities have instructed the embassy in Belgium to attract investors to the diamonds area.


At the time the ambassador stressed that this is due to the message of change, which is being experienced in Angola, recently emphasized by the President of the Republic during his visits to several European countries.


In those visits, the Head of State mentioned several important aspects for the international community to know that there is great solidarity with the call for European entrepreneurs to invest in Angola.


He also spoke about issues related to the challenges of modernizing the country and emphasized the fight against corruption, a fact that the European Union has been applauding and asking for explanations about the policy that Angola is implementing in this regard.


The ambassador announced the existence of Belgian banks that want to negotiate with the Angolan Ministry of Finance for more financing to Angola.