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The experts at Advisory Concept Evolvers disect law fiirm marketing online and provide valuable relevant insider tips on small law firm marketing.

Small law firm marketing is a long term proposition. Larger firms can out spend you but the right law firm marketing company can out perform the money using innovative law firm marketing strategies.”
— Maryann Fasanella, Founder and CEO


Just a few years ago, it was commonplace for a client to walk through the doors of your firm, business card in hand. The card made its way to them from a friend, whose recommendation delivered them directly to you. While this scenario does still play out, it is far more likely these days for a smartphone or website to have done that heavy lifting. Navigating the Internet, with it’s constantly changing and evolving landscape, is an already daunting task. However, when you combine it with all the intricacies of managing a law firm, it seems like an impossibility. So in the interests of simplicity and not overwhelming you, let’s break this task down into more manageable pieces.

Online Presence: The Basics

Internet marketing is a very broad term, so let’s start with something simpler. Do you know where you are marketing your firm online? Even with the host of social media, a website is a crucial marketing tool that should not be overlooked. There are quite a few website platforms that will provide the infrastructure needed while allowing the flexibility of your content, such as WordPress. It should be noted, that while these platforms do provide the framework of a site, the ascetics and information is something that is still left up to you.

In addition to simply having a website, another piece of your attorney digital marketing strategy should be professionally run and frequently maintained social media accounts. Just having a Facebook or Twitter account is not enough. In fact, sometimes a poorly maintained social media presence is worse than no presence at all. A large part of building rapport in the digital age is through the connections made on social media. Where an email or ad can convey your message, social media allows for interaction with those people you most want to connect with: potential clients.

Content Marketing: The Next Steps

Once your website is polished to perfection and your social media interaction is going strong, there is a strong impulse to believe that you have done your part. Now the only thing to do is wait for the clients to pour in. It is at this precise moment that the hardest work is yet to be done. Content marketing is the key that almost everyone agrees is important, but so few know how to effectively leverage. It is how you effectively drive business to your site and social presence that will define you from your peers. One of the first and most powerful tools you can use to break away from the pack is in the formation of an effective SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, strategy. It is one thing to have the best content and presentation for your website. It, unfortunately, is entirely another to get it noticed. The sad truth is that if you don’t rank on the top page of results of an internet search, your chances of getting traffic driven to your site plummet. What SEO is at its core is simply a means to define what your site is about. Google has spent millions of dollars developing algorithms to boil a site down to a simple collection of phrases. The purpose of an SEO strategy is to market your site directly to those algorithms. The idea that your site, and by extension your firm, can be distilled down to just a few key phrases can be very intimidating. It is also simply not possible to replace the talents of a skilled SEO expert with a 1200 word article. But with a few simple things to think about you can provide that expert with the information they need to hone your message to a razor’s edge.

If you remember the early days of the internet, everyone was obsessed with the idea of the World Wide Web. It is this very idea that is at the heart of SEO. One of the best ways you can drive business to your site is by doing exactly that: building a web. The basic idea is that every site that provides a link to your content is another strand in that web. These links are called backlinks, and they are one of the most powerful tools in the content marketing toolbox. Reaching back to the beginning of this article, backlinks are the friend that handed your client that business card. What we’ll discuss next is how to ensure that once those clients walk through that door, they stay.

Content is King: Bringing It All Together

No matter how structured your plan is, the most important facet is the content of your website itself. Gone are the days of meta tags, or code phrases hidden in the background of your site. If backlinks are the strands of your web, then the content itself is what makes those strands stick. The nature of search engines today is to crawl the actual words of your site for the content marketing that will define you. Everything from your about us page, to the phrases used in your latest press release, are used in determining where your site will rank for the key phrases customers are searching for. Every post that is placed onto your site needs to be meticulously planned.

We’ve talked about structure throughout this article, and if you only take one thing away, that should be it. Resist the urge to blanket your site with as much information as you possibly can. Every website dealing with the law firms will want to rank on the first search page for every phrase dealing with law. The idea that the wider you cast your net, the better your return seems obvious. However, the discipline to hone your message to those terms that will get you the best clients to fit your firm’s strengths is really where your ROI, or return on investment, lies. To return to our analogy of the web one last time, think of every phrase you’re looking to rank for as an extra millimeter of space between the strands of your web. If you only have several, then your clients have much more chance of sticking. Once you’ve diluted that message down, however, the possibility that those same clients will slip through your carefully prepared web increases dramatically.

Every law firm is unique, so it follows that lawyer marketing for each firm should be equally unique. In working with a team of experts, or creating a marketing plan on your own, make sure that you concentrate on those search terms that truly define you. Three to five moderately specific phrases is usually sufficient to draw significant returns. Finally, remember that the more generic the search term, the harder it will be to rank high enough to affect ROI.

If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to leverage the full power of the digital age for your firm, contact us today at (215) 510-2167 and we’ll happily assist you in building a law firm marketing plan that will raise your profile and make your message heard.

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