Healing Butterfly Announces Single-Serve Matcha On-The-Go In Seven Flavors

Healing Butterfly Announces Single-Serve Matcha On-The-Go In Seven Flavors

Healing Butterfly's single-serve travel size matcha sticks combine authentic Japanese matcha tea with yummy flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and pumpkin spice.

Our Healing Butterfly Matcha blends are a 'beyond superfoods' product.”
— Jackie Hirsch
MAITLAND, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Superfoods manufacturer, Healing Butterfly, has announced the addition of Healing Butterfly Matcha Single-Serve Sticks in seven delicious flavors:

• Matcha Green Tea
• Chocolate Matcha
• Vanilla Matcha
• Pumpkin Spice Matcha
• Ginger Matcha
• Mint Matcha
• Earl Grey Matcha

Each flavor is now available in a package of 10 single-serve matcha sticks as well as 25-serving pouches.

"We are very excited to introduce Healing Butterfly single-serve matcha sticks as they allow our customers to take Healing Butterfly matcha with them wherever they go: to the office, park, gym, business travel, or family vacation. It's a very convenient way to enjoy matcha anytime, anywhere", said Mrs. Jackie Hirsch, Owner of Healing Butterfly (www.hbutterfly.com).

Healing Butterfly combines premium organic matcha from their partner farm in Japan with other superfoods to produce their unique and healthy flavors. Their 'just add water' matcha blends provide healthful benefits and nutrition while also tasting great. Traditionally, the matcha is combined with hot water, but can be combined with cold water and enjoyed as a smoothie or iced tea drink, with hot milk or non-dairy milks to drink as a latte, or even used as an ingredient in baked treats. Many ingredients are organic, vegan, and/or kosher. Healing Butterfly’s Earl Grey Matcha blend was a Silver Medal Winner in the 2017 Global Tea Championship.

"Our Healing Butterfly Matcha blends are a 'beyond superfoods' product, in that by combining multiple superfoods in the right way, we achieve a result similar to 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'. We often say that nature and science go hand-in-hand at Healing Butterfly to create delicious elixirs that are as good for the body as they are tasty," explained Hirsch.

The new 10-count travel size matcha stick packages are available now and are priced at just $19.99 plus shipping, though shipping fees are waived for U.S. orders over $34. Shop online at www.hbutterfly.com.

About Healing Butterfly:
Healing Butterfly is a Florida-based retailer of premium-grade, organic Matcha Green Tea Powders. The company blends organic Japanese matcha with healthy superfoods to create elixirs in 7 popular flavors: Traditional Matcha, Vanilla, Chocolate, Ginger, Mint, Pumpkin-Spice, and their award-winning Earl Grey. Elixirs are available in single-serve sticks or multi-serving pouches.

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