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New Canadian Company Aims to Make Meditation (and Yoga!) Easier

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OmBase is a new Canadian company, on a mission to make mediation easier, through their innovative products and engaging initiatives.

Meditator using Ombase bench
Ombase Meditation Benches promotes good posture

“Every one contributes something to the world. Through OmBase, our vision is to focus our collective skills & efforts to contribute something really beneficial for people as individuals, and also for our collective society,” says company Cofounder & CEO, Lisa Pedscalny.

Their first product - a highly adjustable, portable meditation bench - features a unique, impressively engineered design, and also functions as an adaptable yoga prop. This modern take on meditation and yoga support is aimed at fitting the diverse lifestyles of the rapidly growing number of practitioners around the world.

“Science has proven that meditation offers a wide range of benefits; from better sleep, to reduced anxiety & stress, to lower blood pressure - and so much more,” Pedscalny continues. “But from talking to thousands of people about meditation, we’ve learned that there are some especially common challenges to establishing and maintaining a practice; namely, physical discomfort, issues developing a consistent routine, and lack of information. We plan to address these by supporting people physically through our products, and inspiring, motivating and sharing information through our initiatives.”

To assist in bringing their first product to market, OmBase has launched a Kickstarter campaign beginning November 1st and running the duration of the month.  The campaign will provide an opportunity to order an OmBase at significantly less than retail price, as well as receive several other campaign rewards.  Products are projected to begin shipping in December to arrive by Christmas. 

In the spirit of demonstrating that 'Mediation is for Everyone', a cornerstone company value, Ombase has also begun an online initiative called the #MeditationMovement, which uses an engaging video format to illustrate the diversity in people who meditate, and the benefits they receive from their practices.  Using this content, OmBase hopes to not only introduce meditation in a way that's relatable, but also connect and grow the meditation community.   And it's working…

“Through the Meditation Movement, we’ve received video submissions from people around the world, sharing inspiring stories about how meditation improves their lives,” Pedscalny explains. “We love the feeling of community that is emerging, and we’re committed to supporting this powerful movement as it continues to grow.”

To learn more about OmBase, please visit their Kickstarter campaign page, or


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