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Politics & Profits Promote Poison as Public Policy

Harmful algal blooms are silent killers

This singular solution is only one small part of what needs to be done .... That disaster is the HAB’s and the incestuous relationships between Agra-Business and politicians that are killing us all.”
— Lee Roberts

SARASOTA, FL, USA, October 19, 2018 / -- From Florida to Maine – from Ohio to Idaho and Hawaii - throughout all 50 states, an epidemic continues to kill the environment, wildlife, businesses and us humans. The disaster goes by many names: “Red Tide”, “Harmful Algal Blooms”, “Act of God”, “Natural Disaster” are only a few. All are inaccurate labels.

The phenomena occur in a rainbow of colors, from brownish-yellow to blue-green to a rusty-red. What are often referred to as HAB’s aren’t merely “harmful”, they are deadly. Neither God nor Mother Nature can be held responsible for the overt acts of Agra-Business in concert with the incompetence and negligence of local, state and federal politicians.

To simplify, an HAB is an apolitical colony of billions of microscopic organisms that reproduce in fresh, brackish and saline lakes, swamps, estuaries, rivers, and coastal waters. As water temperatures warm, with a steady diet of nitrogen, phosphates and other man-made nutrients, the algae thrive and suck every molecule of oxygen from their habitat. In a best case scenario “dead zones” occur over 10’s of 1,000’s of square miles wherein all aquatic life is suffocated and washes ashore to decay and stink in the sun.

The worst case, undeniable fact, is that toxins are released into public food and water supplies as well as the air that we and all land-bound creatures breathe. Those poisons do not disappear along with the deaths of micro-bacteria or fish, they continue to destroy and sicken every life form into which they come in contact.

The adverse effects of the pesticides and fertilizers that contaminate essentially all crops, pet and livestock feed are exacerbated retroactively and going forward. But it gets worse. A recent video, Toxic Puzzle, tracks global algae toxicity and links HAB’s to ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

No matter one’s political affiliation, whether he or she “believes in science”, there exists a symbiotic relationship between governance and campaign contributions. For the reactionary, myopic and naïve, there’s no need to read any further. For those who are capable of critical thought and have the intestinal fortitude to face reality, below are a few specific facts as well as viable solutions.

The technology for identifying, tracking, forecasting and mitigating (if not remedying) the toll of HAB’s has existed for decades and continues to improve. Among an alphabet of local, state and federal agencies, budgets and programs are now designed to accommodate special interests and political expediency. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are only fractions that have suffered dramatic budget cuts in conjunction with an agenda of de-regulation.

As a single case study, in the state of Florida, the annual economic losses far exceeds $1 billion in healthcare costs, unemployment, business closures, reductions in tourism, real estate values and related sectors. Rather than any proactive response to address the causes, the administration and lawmakers pushed through a paltry $3 million band-aid grant … about 3/10ths of one percent compared to the HAB damage.

Industry is providing the nutrients and cash necessary to allow toxic tides and elected officials to flourish. In turn, selected contractors and manufacturers receive revenue windfalls and sweetheart deals. Petitions, demonstrations and demands to elected representatives may be cathartic, but have proven to be a (toxic) waste of time.

Increasingly, grass roots movements among consumers and innovations among small businesses in the private sector are achieving the only meaningful results. One of the most promising solutions in combating the systemic disaster is SmartNute. After almost 5 years of dedicated research and development, combined with as much passion and commitment, the organization has created the alternative to deadly run-offs of pesticides, toxic waste and excessive nutrients nurturing the HAB’s that infect our air, water, and food chain.

This singular solution can prove to be vastly more cost-efficient, socially responsible and the most immediate method to produce safe and healthy agricultural products. Co-founder Lee Roberts encourages and solicits innovation and activism from all organizations to reverse the rampant pesticide and HAB toxicity levels.

“This singular solution is only one small part of what needs to be done to finally curb the expanding disaster. That disaster is the HAB’s and the incestuous relationships between Agra-Business and politicians that are killing us all.”

Lee Roberts
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