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Tobias J. Preston: The Note Company advises companies to restructure from the ground up using organizational development

Tobias J Preston Organizational Development

Organizational development is the use of company resources to improve the overall efficiency of each business and expand productivity.

REDDING, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2018 / -- Tobias J. Preston uses organizational development to solve problems within companies and also aid in analyzing different silos of individual businesses to create a more meaningful and engaging way of producing results.

“The Note Company is a new business, but it is grounded in decades of business management and strategy practices that have helped companies across the country,” explained Tobias Preston. “The Note Company's goal is to help every client create organizational procedures that help them thrive now, and well into the future.”

Most companies get so bogged down that unless restructured, they never have a chance of mitigating risk and managing the day to day procedures that really help a business grow for the long haul. Although it seems less important than creating a product or taking care of clients, companies have to build and develop an organizational backbone to last.

One key benefit that The Note Company focuses on is autonomous or continuous improvement. This type of modality allows businesses to more accurately respond and adapt to changes in markets because the business is always steadily improving. Having an autonomous cycle of improvement that is practiced will eventually take on a life of its own. Companies will find that by practicing continuous improvement through organizational development, that each department will start to treat this as an extension of each role.

“This practice is very similar to increasing long-term memory. In order to move practices or new thoughts from the working or short-term memory to the long-term memory, requires weeks of continually practice, or in the case of businesses, practice over a handful of quarters until it becomes cemented in the culture of the company,” explained Tobias Preston. “After a few quarters, continuous improvement will become integrated within the companies that practice it.

At Note, employee development is another benefit of organizational development. By simply increasing communication patterns and instituting best practices, companies can effectively get entire teams to change attitudes, behavior patterns and shape productivity.

“Apple was a pioneer in employee development, especially in their retail division. As a company that practiced organizational development, they knew how important it was to shape employees through communication tools to yield breathtaking results,” explained Tobias Preston. “Becoming proactive with employees, instead of reactive can quite literally change a business overnight.”

With decades of experience in leadership and marketing, The Note Company launched in 2018. To learn more about organizational development and to connect with The Note Company, click here.

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