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The Benefits of Journaling with Carolin Soldo

Carolin Soldo

Keeping a journal might sound easy to some and tedious to others, but regardless of how you feel about it, one thing is clear - it’s incredibly beneficial.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2018 / -- The simple act of writing change your life? According to Carolin Soldo, a Life Coach whose techniques have changed the lives of many, it’s not simply about the act of putting pen to paper. Making a daily journal is about recording your experiences, emotions, things you’re grateful for, dreams and goals - and an immense tool for personal development. In what way? Below are just some of the benefits you’ll see from a daily journal.

-Helps Clarify Thoughts and Manage Emotions

Oftentimes, especially in the digital age in which we find ourselves, our minds become overwhelmed with facts, data and information. “How many times have you come home from work with your brain nothing but a muddled mess?” Carolin Soldo asks. “Keeping a journal can fix that.” Writing down your thoughts is an effective way of not only purging your brain of wearisome, useless information, but also preventing circular thinking and the perpetuation of negative thoughts.

-Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety overcloud our judgement and ways of thinking. When we feel anxious, we don’t perceive reality for what it is, and allow these vicious thoughts to constantly sap our attention and ability to think critically. Keeping a journal allows you to shift the burden of your mind to paper, shrinking problems that seem monumental in thought to no more than life-sized once they’re penned. This allows you the clarity and distance required to deal with problems rationally.

-Boosts Productivity

According to Carolin Soldo, making a list of tasks you need to accomplish is one of the most effective ways of maximizing your productivity. It’s something successful people from all over the world do, and prevents procrastination by making you accountable for your actions. It’s also extremely satisfying every time you complete a task and are able to cross it off your list.

-Strengthens Self-Discipline

Setting aside the time to journal everyday is no mean feat. Although ten minutes of writing sounds easy enough to pull off - what’s ten minutes out of twenty four hours, right? - the fact is that it requires a certain level of dedication and self-discipline. Carolin Soldo says that this skill is invaluable in every facet of your life, and building it with something small like journal entries is a crucial first step that will resonate in all of your future endeavors.

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