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Tips For Beginner Tennis Players with Connie Lynn Bandfield

Connie Lynn Bandfield

Tennis is a demanding sport both physically and mentally, Connie Bandfield gives tips to new players

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / -- Tennis is a physically demanding sport, and one of the most popular on the planet, both to watch as well as to play. But understanding the rules of tennis and executing some of the basic moves can be challenging to anyone who has never attempted to play before. It’s for that reason that Connie Lynn Bandfield, an interior design and absolute tennis enthusiast, has put together this beginner’s guide for players who are new to the game of tennis.

-Start with the basics

“Knowing the terminologies of terms associated with the game is a good place to start.” Says Connie Bandfield. “Simply getting on to the court and smashing the ball as hard as you can isn’t going to win you any games.” It’s therefore important to know what it means to serve, to volley, the difference between an overhead- and a groundstroke. Once you have these down you’ll be able to start applying them to your game on the court. Check out some definitions below to help you ease into it.

-Forehand - a shot made by swinging the racket across your body with your dominant hand. You have to wait for the ball to bounce before you can make this shot, however.

-Backhand - a shot made swinging the racket two-handed from the opposite side of your body and the back of your dominant hand facing forward.

-Volley - this shot is executed using only a slight swing, and it is used just before the ball hits the ground. Generally it’s done close to the net to force your opponent to run for it.

-Get a grip - It may sound basic, but learning how to hold a racket properly is fundamental to good form, and ultimately good tennis. It’ll help you achieve maximum control and deliver powerful shops. “Common grips include those made by brands such as Continental and Eastern.” Says Connie Bandfield. Ensuring that your racket has a decent grip that is securely properly will go leagues to improving your game later on.

-Warm up and cool down

One of the quickest ways to injure yourself or pull a muscle is by now warming up or cooling down. According to Connie Bandfield, it’s extremely important that players do some stretches or light jogging between one serve has even taken place. This will limber up your body and get you ready for higher levels of exertion.

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