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Robert Teweleit in Houston Reveals some of the most efficient Customer Service Secrets

Robert Teweleit

Customer service can be a tricky place to work, here are some of the best-kept customer service secrets from an industry professional.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2018 / -- The customer service industry can be a challenging place to work. People are often unappreciated, and the pay isn’t always the most enticing. However, many people throughout the world have this type of job. Therefore, there are those who have figured out how to best deal with that job. Robert Teweleit shares his secrets and experience in the field.

Robert Teweleit has decided to delve into a few of these closely kept secrets. Teweleit of Houston has had years of experience on both sides of customer support. So, he knows the struggles each side has.

-Customer Loyalty

When people have many connections and a good reputation, regardless of what any outsider says, people won’t believe it. Robert Teweleit explains that’s because the good outweighs the bad. People know that person and realize that they wouldn’t act that way, under normal circumstances. In this case, the blame is automatically shifted to the outsider.

The same works for customer service. If a customer support representative builds up a good reputation, with many loyal customers, a few bad experiences won’t matter. After all, no one is always going to get along with everyone. Yet, if the customer service representative is good to their customers they will rally behind the customer service representative. Loyal customers are a customer service representative’s best friend.

-Respond to Complaints with Urgency

Many times, Teweleit says a improperly worded response to the complaint can makes the situation worse. If a customer has a complaint, it’s important to actively listen and try to resolve their issue. There should be an apology in the response somewhere. Plus, if the customer’s request can be fulfilled, do it happily.

Everyone makes mistakes and most people are okay with that. Even if the customer is wrong, arguing semantics is only going to make the situation worse. Acknowledging it’s the business’ responsibility to make customers happy and doing their best to resolve an issue, it’s resolved quickly.

-Train Employees Properly

One of the most frustrating things a customer can encounter is an employee who has no idea how to help them. Of course, an employee can’t be expected to know everything. Although, for a positive customer experience accurate training is imperative. This training should include the ways that employees can get answers quickly and accurately if they don’t know something. Not having the information on hand and having no clue how to get that information are two different things. People usually understand that an employee might not know the answer to their question. Yet, it’s extremely frustrating when an employee has no idea how to get the answer. Therefore, proper training to handle most situations is one of the keys to good customer service.

In summation, Robert Teweleit hopes that these revelations will help both customer and customer service understand one another better. There’s no way to make everyone happy in a person’s professional or personal life. Yet, when someone enacts these tips, most conversations are likely to go a lot smoother for both parties.


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