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A question that is common to The Hardwood Flooring Store, a hardwood flooring store in Toronto, is how well wood floors hold up to pets?

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, September 5, 2018 / -- A question that is common to The Hardwood Flooring Store, a hardwood flooring store in Toronto, is how well wood floors hold up to pets and which types of hardwood flooring is best for homes with pets. The Hardwood Flooring Store offers a variety of woods and styles, but not all of them are ideal for households with pets. The recommended flooring is solid hardwood over engineered hardwood.

It is best to stay away from soft woods like pine, cedar and American Walnut because they will dent more easily than other woods. They are ideal in areas like bedrooms where there is limited traffic. For heavy traffic areas, especially when the homeowner has pets, hard woods like Brazilian Cherry are preferred. The hardwood will hold up better to pressure and scratches.

Another recommendation is to choose solid hardwood over engineered hardwood. While both types of flooring include genuine hardwood, the engineered wood uses layers of wood rather than one continuous piece. Solid hardwood can be sanded down multiple times and continue to be durable and beautiful. This is important if the pet scratches the floor or causes a stain.

Distressed hardwood is another ideal option for homes with pets because the distressed look will hide a lot of imperfections. A new scratch will look like it fits in well with the design. "A wood that already looks ‘worn in’ will be less noticeable with a new scratch," explains Ron Ander of The Hardwood Flooring Store. Buyers can look for wood with knots and other marks to disguise any new scratches and dents that may be added with pets, kids or just heavy foot traffic. Heavy graining such as with oak floors will also hide imperfections. Ander recommends matte finishes that won’t show dents and dings as well as light colors, which show scratches less.

Ander goes on to explain that maintenance and preventative care are important regardless of which type of flooring one chooses.

"Clean up spills and accidents quickly to prevent them from seeping into the wood," he advises. He also advocates using cleaners specially designed for hardwood. While many people recognize that pets can cause damage to hardwood floors, homes without pets can have just as many issues if the floor is not cared for. As he explains, "hardwood flooring is an investment in your home and can increase its value. Like any good investment, you must take care of it." Homeowners who are considering buying hardwood flooring can talk to a flooring expert at The Hardwood Flooring Store and ask questions about the best types of wood for their homes as well as getting maintenance tips to help them care for the product they choose.

Before purchasing any hardwood flooring for a home, it is important that the homeowner learn about the care necessary to keep it looking like new. They should also ask questions about sanding and re-staining and any other upkeep required for the type of floor they purchase.

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