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The BBC's portrayal of "The Bodyguard" - how close to the truth, more brawn than brains?

Female Bodyguards

Highly trained female bodyguards are well sought after and bring a different dynamic to a team.

Miranda Kerr's Bodyguards

Dynamic and quick thinking Bodyguard operating in Cannes

A female Bodyguard operating covertly in Exuma

A female Bodyguard operating covertly providing intelligence in Exuma, Bahamas

There is a lot in the Press relating to bodyguards after the recent launch of the BBC’s new drama, “Bodyguard”, but what is it really like being a Bodyguard?

It is the combination of trust and respect that will ensure that a Bodyguard is listened to by his or her Principal when the need arises, when danger is present or when the threat level raises”
— Alex Bomberg

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 11, 2018 / -- Bodyguards are a real mystique to many and often get misrepresented in the world's press. Whether it is speculation about who guarded US actress Meghan Markle prior to her recent marriage to HRH Prince Harry, or whether it's discussing the new BBC drama Bodyguard.

What is it really like being a Bodyguard and what do VIPs look for in those who are protecting them?

The threats that Royals and VIPs face today are shifting and evolving with stalking and harassment emerging and manifesting themselves via social media, prior to becoming physical and of course personal information being leaked or manipulated.

British-based Intelligent Protection International Limited provides Executive Protection services and Royalty Protection services globally; CEO, Alex Bomberg sheds light on the world of the Bodyguard.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when people think about bodyguards, defined by what they have seen in films or in the press. The older generation reading this, will remember the bodyguards springing to life during the JFK assassination or the shooting and attempted assassination of US President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The slightly younger among you, will remember the 1992 film, The Bodyguard, then later still, The Bodyguard musical running successfully around the world.

Obviously there is a lot of chatter in the Press asking: "Who guarded US actress Meghan Markle prior to her recent marriage to HRH Prince Harry?", with many saying that it was British Intelligence Agents on the set of Suits protecting Meghan... In fact, her Bodyguard was a former British Soldier, a highly experienced Private Contractor called "Steve"!

The latest BBC drama “Bodyguard” has created a lot of press interest in the UK and a real buzz on social media. As the storyline unfolds the main character becomes more complex and personally involved with the British Home Secretary, whom he is protecting. Different threats emerge and incidents occur as the series plays out. Commercially the role of a Bodyguard or Executive/Close Protection Officer is more mundane. Bodyguards are used today by a whole raft of different people, from the rich and famous through to members of Royalty and Diplomats.

In the commercial world, bodyguards are often employed for short periods, with lucrative longer or full-time contracts hard to come by and well sought after. Experienced female bodyguards are worth their weight in gold and bring a different dynamic to a team. Some clients prefer female bodyguards, this of course may be due to cultural sensitivity or to just give a softer profile to the casual onlooker.

Anyone can become a Bodyguard, but the industry is regulated and controlled in most countries, including the UK, France and USA. Most bodyguards are former Police or Military, but this is not always the case of course. The very best bodyguards can easily earn over $100,000 per year, but before you rush out and think about doing a course and qualifying, you should maybe think about what is required.

Professional bodyguards work very long hours, often with a great deal of waiting around. Eating when possible and maintaining a level of alertness during what can be very boring long days and nights. Fitness needs to be of a high level and an international Bodyguard may expected to be able to converse in a number of languages and know the very best hotels and restaurants.

Intelligent Protection International's CEO, Alex Bomberg said: “Clients have very high expectations and want value for money. It’s not just about having the very best security, they have to be able to trust implicitly the men and women who are protecting them. Time is not always on our side when it comes to relationship building, with short tasks, trust needs to be established early on”.

Bomberg went on to say: “It is the combination of trust and respect that will ensure that a Bodyguard is listened to by his or her Principal when the need arises, when danger is present or when the threat level raises”. The modern Bodyguard can often work alone as well as in teams. He or she equips themselves with both local and international knowledge, they must be impeccably turned out, polite and have grace and etiquette. Gone are the days of big brutish guys, “jacket fillers” as Bomberg describes them. Bomberg considers that they are bad for the industry and not fit for purpose. "Clients want thinkers!”

Intelligent Protection International Limited is very different in its approach to providing its clients with bodyguards, the firm has an “intelligence-led approach” towards the threats its clients face, and with the rise in online stalking and cyber-crime, the company is within the next few months about to make a new announcement on a new service that will aid its clients into the future.

In relation to future threats, Bomberg said: “We now live in a world where those wishing to cause our clients harm can locate satellite imagery of properties and locations at the click of a mouse. Clients and those around them are using social media giving live commentary, news and updates. The information age throws up challenges and these risks need to be mitigated against.”

The way in which TV and film like to portray bodyguards may of course never change and managing expectations of clients with perception and reality will always be a challenge, whilst this remains the status quo.

Intelligent Protection International Limited is based in the UK and France with a number of offices around the world to serve its clients. If you are interested in discussing Bodyguard Services with them or if you have a Press enquiry, please contact them via for Europe or for the USA and rest of the world. If you want to know more about hiring Bodyguards, see: How to hire a Bodyguard

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Intelligent Protection International CEO Alex Bomberg interviewed by the BBC Radio 4 in relation to the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris in October 2016.

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