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GoFundMe Donors Asked to Protect Federal Patent Laws

"Can you hear me now?"

Consumers are taking a stand in defense of intellectual property and justice

No one has invested more in the defense of the rights to which all citizens, consumers & small businesses are entitled than have my family, my company & I. We encourage ongoing support from everyone.”
— Mark "Jeff" Reed, Managing Member

PLANO, TX, US, November 9, 2018 / -- To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, “Tech giants stand on the shoulders (and the innovations) of Traxcell Technologies, LLC”, according to recent legal filings. To date at least half a dozen of the world’s largest telecommunications providers have been formally charged, in Texas and California federal courts, with multiple patent infringements. The intellectual properties at issue have been essential to the past, current and future improvements of cellular devices in engineering, connectivity, as well as the capacity for mapping, navigation and location identification throughout the global market.

Prominent names such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, among others, are charged with misappropriation of Traxcell’s numerous patents, inventions and years of work … without permission, and without compensation. Billions of dollars in revenue, profit and cost savings have resulted from Traxcell’s inventions. As only two examples of the convenience efficiency and safety that consumers now take for granted, mobile devices and providers utilize Traxcell’s automated, proprietary, tuning system (SON – self-optimized network) and mapping capabilities which function on or off line. Over the years, dropped calls have become increasingly rare, exponentially greater quantities of data are reliably transmitted and driving directions are all but instantaneously available.

Certainly, the exact value of these exclusive rights and any punitive damages will be aggressively contested, determined, during the trial(s) scheduled to begin in June 2019. Over the past eighteen months plaintiff attorneys, accountants and technical experts have produced extensive and detailed documentation. They continue to do so, as more and more fair-minded citizens and donors join the fray.

Certainly, ongoing litigation expenses reflect the extraordinary sums potentially at stake. Costs of legal research, depositions, employment of expert witnesses may compare only as a small fraction to possible judgments, but they will be significant nonetheless. The magnitude and nature of the patents, when proven, are unique. Every dollar contributed by the public is dedicated to the legal expenses necessary to hold the Defendants accountable. Every donation, no matter how small, will be an acknowledgement of the safety and convenience that Traxcell’s inventions provide all cell phone users.

All requisite disclosures, financial data and legalese have been submitted to and approved by all appropriate government agencies. Comprehensive, yet comprehendible, information and background is available at , or by contacting Traxcell Technologies,LLC directly.

Managing member and first named inventor, Mark “Jeff” Reed emphasizes. “No one has invested more in the defense of the rights to which all citizens, consumers and small businesses are entitled than have my family, my company and I. From the outset we’ve been aware of, prepared for, the expense of protecting our rights, our intellectual properties and our patents. We have devoted, will devote all, the resources necessary. We encourage ongoing support from everyone.” To learn more, please visit Traxcell’s “” page at

Jeff Reed
Traxcell Technologies LLC
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