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Ken Sutiak Explores Unique Ways to Help Charities

Local altruist offers out of the box ideas to help people support charities.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2018 / -- Most people aspire to help charities. However, many of those people have no idea how they can contribute. Especially if the person is unable to support charities financially, they give up on the idea. This is because they do not know another way. The primarily charitable donation is money. Therefore, when that donation is not possible for them, they think there is no other way to donate.

However, Ken Sutiak has made a lifestyle out of being a charitable individual and he is unable to give money. Instead, he gives his time, which in many ways, is much more fulfilling. After all, giving time creates an experience, friends, and the certainty that the person is making a difference. Therefore, Ken Sutiak has set out to explore unique ways to give to charities, without giving money.

Write a Letter

During Ken Sutiak’s work with the ASPCA, he did not have a lot of time or money. Therefore, writing letters to legislators helped him play an active role in the charity. Sutiak found that the letters made a difference and helped more lawmakers rule in favor of animal rights. Writing these letters are fun for Sutiak. Plus, he can write them on his own time, for as long or as little as he would like.

For those who do not wish to write to lawmakers, there are plenty of other ways to make a difference. Many charities write letters to those who are ill or who simply need to have their day brightened. This does not cost anything but time, as often, charities have all the materials. They only need someone to sit down and write the letters out.

Host a Donation Drive

Ken Sutiak is always amazed at how the actions of one person can inspire others. Therefore, by organizing a food or supplies drive, many people can benefit. All it takes is one person to commit to running it. Not long after that, the drive usually takes on a life of its own. While this does not cost anything, it is a great way to do good for the community. Whether the drive is collecting canned food or school supplies, it is always a positive experience. The effect of a donation drive is two-fold. Of course, the recipients benefiting from the donations, but this type of endeavor benefits a community as well. A successful donation drive helps the community understand what can be accomplished when they work together.

Donate a Special Occasion

People often own far more than they need. Therefore, instead of acquiring more gifts, people can be charitable with their special occasions. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding, people can ask for donations to charities in lieu of gifts. This is a great way to give back in a big way without it costing the person anything. Also, instead of monetary donations, people can ask for pet supplies, canned food, or back to school supplies.

To close, Ken Sutiak understands that not everyone can give money or even a lot of their time. However, the time that is given is appreciated. It helps people who are down on their luck and restores their faith in humanity. Sutiak hopes that these suggestions for unique ways to help charities have inspired you to take up the mantle. After all, doing good for other people is good for the soul.

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