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Paul Ingram From Mesa Reveals Essential Construction Worker Roles in Need of Qualified Applicants

There is a need for qualified talent all throughout the construction industry. However, there are certain areas that are running dangerously low on applicants.

MESA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2018 / -- Construction work encompasses a host of different occupations. Unfortunately, the whole of the construction industry is in dire straits due to the lack of qualified applicants. However, there are a few specific construction work jobs that are severely lacking in finding the right people for the job.

Paul Ingram is an industry professional who knows this is a difficult and growing problem. Therefore, Ingram is sharing the construction worker roles that need qualified applicants. It is his hope that this list will inspire people to follow one of these career paths. Ingram is certain that many people do not even realize there are specific construction worker jobs. Thus, he is confident by sharing this information, he can do his part to garner qualified help for this industry.

Construction Carpenter

For potential applicants who enjoy working with their hands, this is a rewarding occupation. Construction Carpenters also need to be able to know a little bit about the entire process. From scanning blueprints to making sure what is on the paper gets built exactly, Construction Carpenters do it all.

To become a Construction Carpenter, a person must have a bachelor’s degree. Once school is completed, that person can become a Carpenter’s Helper. Another option is to acquire an apprenticeship. Construction Carpenters are in high demand and the job pays well. Carpenters in the top ten percent can around up to seventy-five-thousand dollars per year.

Construction Laborer

The perfect construction laborer is the kind of person who likes to put in a hard day’s work. They usually have a great tan, are in great shape and feel good about what they have accomplished every day. These are the people physically jackhammering and pounding away on projects.

This job can be acquired by scoring on the job training or garnering an apprenticeship. This job is a good way to climb the construction latter and learn a lot about each aspect of the industry. Plus, the average pay for a construction laborer is around fifty-thousand-dollars per year.

Construction Driller

If digging in the dirt is something that sounds like fun, a Construction Driller is a great job. People with this job get to use heavy machinery to drill through the earth. However, it is a technical job that often calls for finesse. Construction Drillers must understand the consequences of digging each hole. That means ensuring that they and their team are always safe during and after the drill.

The certifications for Construction Drillers vary from state to state. Although, having an associate degree is a baseline certification. However, once a Construction Driller lands a job, the average pay is fifty-thousand dollars per year.

In summation, while the shortage is great for those who have the skills, there are not enough qualified people. There may be plenty of people that want a job, but construction workers need to perform finite tasks. Thus, it is important that anyone who is hired has the right experience for the job. Paul Ingram hopes that by sharing this list of specific construction workers needed, it will help boost applications. Ingram also hopes that by seeing this list, people will be inspired to follow these career paths. After all, this issue is not going to be rectified anytime soon. Thus, these specified construction workers will be needed and have job security for decades to come.

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