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DunAn Microstaq wins Prestigious Gold Award at 15th annual Dealer Design Awards

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DunAn Microstaq (DMQ) was recognized with a GOLD award for its HC-MSEV USHC Retrofit Kit in the HVAC Light Commercial Equipment category at the 15th annual Dealer Design Awards. The company’s HC-MSEV USHC Retrofit Kit was developed for commercial HVACR systems with 10 to 25 tons of cooling capacity. It is a stand-alone, drop-in replacement kit for an existing thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) or an electronic expansion valve (EEV). The High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve (HC-MSEV) utilizes a MEMS Module (microelectromechanical system) as a pilot valve and a spool valve for the second stage. It weighs 17.6 ounces for all models from 10 to 25 tons which share the same physical package. The USHC is a refrigerant superheat measuring device that is used to drive and modulate the HC-MSEV to maintain a desired superheat.

HC-MSEV USHC Retrofit Kit
DunAn Microstaq’s High Capacity Modular Silicon Expansion Valve and Universal Superheat Controller Retrofit Kit

The HC-MSEV response rate of 500 milliseconds between fully open and closed positions enables it to reach the desired target superheat quickly so that optimum evaporator cooling is achieved faster. The precise controllability feature helps to achieve very tight superheat control and also enables the system to operate at a lower target superheat utilizing the most surface of the evaporator. This tight, continuous control of superheat under dynamic heat load conditions enables optimal system performance, lessening the work for the compressor and translating to improved system efficiency.

DMQ’s CEO, Parthi Arunasalam states, “The kit comprises an expansion valve and integrated controller. The integrated controller is different because it’s truly integrated - it has a pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and machine intelligence all embedded into a palm-size package. There are lots of amazing valves on the market. The catch is finding a valve and controller that can be used across a variety of refrigerants without the end user trying to figure out how to configure or program it. These controllers already come with four default refrigerants and can be expanded up to 18 different refrigerants. And the nice thing about it is that a customer or contractor looking at new refrigerants about to be delivered into the market can ask us to embed the new refrigerant characteristics to try with the controller.”

DMQ was also honored at the 12th annual Dealer Design Awards in 2015 for its MSEV USHC Retrofit Kit (1 – 5 tons) with a Gold Award in the Refrigeration and Ice Machines category.

About DunAn Microstaq
DunAn Microstaq, Inc. (DMQ) is a MEMS technology company dedicated to advancing flow control solutions primarily for the HVAC, refrigeration and automotive industries. Their pioneering work in microelectromechanical systems technology, understanding of customers' needs and experiences translate into benefits that go far beyond flow control. DMQ solutions accelerate product development cycles, cut across design challenges, create warehousing efficiencies and reduce deployment time. With a core technology so versatile, DMQ can package its devices along with the sensing and controls software for custom applications to fit a multitude of markets.

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