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Health Professional Ken Sutiak Explains How to Improve Patient Care through Teamwork

SARASOTA, SARASOTA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2018 / -- According to renowned health professional Ken Sutiak, working effectively as part of a team can have an immediate positive impact on health outcomes and patient safety. Because of the fact that so many patients now have comorbid disorders and because care is becoming increasingly complex and specialized, there is also an increased need for teams to be able to work together effectively.

Ken Sutiak Describes Changes in Care

Not long ago, people would visit a health practitioner such as a dentist or a doctor and rely on them to deliver all of their care to a satisfactory level. Healthcare has evolved significantly from that and patients demand greater quality as well. As a result, health care professionals have had to change the way in which they work, placing the patient central to all operations, which can only be achieved by ensuring everybody works together based on the same principles and values. In so doing, an entire healthcare team will be motivated to deliver the best possible care while also having the strategies and skills in place that enable them to overcome challenges and meet their goals.

According to Ken Sutiak, it has been recognized across the world that teamwork is essential in ensuring health care is delivered in a safe and effective manner. He explains that it is vital that best practices or put into place and that's the core elements of team-based care are identified. In so doing, core values can be created that can be shared across all health care delivery systems and that everyone can agree with.

A starting point, he explained, must be to define what a team actually is. He explains that it is a set of at least two individuals who work in an adaptive, interdependent, and dynamic while trying to achieve the same mission, objectives, or go. Yes, all members of the team and have their own functions and roles. This must then be applied to health care, which is delivered to communities, family, and individuals. These are themselves part of the overall team. Each member of the team has to share both accountability and responsibility. Getting this wrong can lead to very significant risks. Ken Sutiak explains that poor teamwork in the field of health care can lead to medical errors, misdiagnosis, negligence, and more. Indeed, he has found that the majority of patients who decide to take legal action against one of their health care providers do so because something went wrong in how the team worked together.

An effective healthcare team is one in which every member has excellent communication and one in which observations, decision-making responsibilities, and expertise is shared in order to ensure the care of the patient is as positive as possible. The biggest difficulty in this, explains Ken, is that different health care providers tend to have their own culture, and these can at times be conflicting. Overcoming this will perhaps be the greatest challenge of all.

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