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Krystal Marshayla Duckett Shares Insights on Early Childhood Education and Why Educators Should be Paid More

Krystal Marshayla Duckett is doing her best to advocate for early childhood education teachers through the insights she has in this field.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2018 / -- Teachers are always special people. The act of dedicating a life and career for the education and betterment of future generations is truly admirable. However, those who work in early childhood education are saintly.

Krystal Marshayla Duckett knows that this profession is highly underrated. Teachers of early childhood education deserve much more credit then they receive. That’s why Krystal Duckett is doing her best to advocate for a pay-raise for these wonderful individuals.

Early Childhood Educators Do It All

High school teachers and even most elementary school teachers have a standard role. They teach students a curriculum and find some fun ways to get through to students. Sometimes, there are behavioral issues and disciplinary action needs to be taken. Yet, for the most part, teachers are tasked with teaching.

Yet, early childhood educators are expected to do it all. These teachers never know what they’re going to walk into. Yet, they must keep all that docile each school day, while still managing to teach the curriculum.

Early childhood educators are charged with giving enough attention to each student, individually. That way, they can all mentally, emotionally and cognitively advance. These teachers must be ready for anything.

Maintain a Safe, Welcoming Environment

Kids are always going to be kids. That’s a give-in. However, when faced with twenty, or more children, all being children, securing a safe environment is challenging. Plus, keeping that environment welcoming and creative is even more difficult.

Yet, early childhood developmental educators manage to pull it off successfully, all day, throughout the school year. To Krystal Duckett, that’s an amazing feat.

Addressing Special Needs Children

Every child is unique. So, they learn differently, they have different upbringings and react to everything in a different way. In addition to keeping everyone safe and happy, in a welcoming learning environment, educators also must address special needs. That need could be physical, psychological, or a learning need. Regardless, it’s up to early childhood developmental educators to help each child learn and develop at their own pace.

Krystal Marshayla Duckett says that the ability to do this effectively is essential to the child’s future self-esteem and perseverance. Improperly handling a child's special need could be disastrous. The child will carry that with them their entire life. If a child feels as though they aren’t good enough, or that they don’t fit in, that feeling festers. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the teacher to instill the confidence in each child that they can do anything.

To close, Krystal Marshayla Duckett has always thought that early childhood development educators were underpaid and overworked. Yet, after having gained experience in this field, Duckett is certain that there’s a major flaw in the system. These people are raising the future. Parents are the first and most important role models, (most of the time). Yet, early childhood development educators are the second most important role model in young children’s lives, every time.

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