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Todd Stockton Explains Why Finding the Right Lawyer is Essential to a Case

Finding the right lawyer to argue a legal case is essential to success in court.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / -- Todd Stockton is a lawyer from Colorado that has a passion for educating clients on the best practices when dealing with courts. Stockton understands that most civilians don’t know how to navigate the legal process. So, he tries to help point people in the right direction. Now, Stockton discusses the best way to find the right lawyer to argue a case.

Find the Right Type of Lawyer

There are many types of lawyers in this world. There are family practice lawyers, criminal lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and defense lawyers. Many lawyers have experience in different disciplines. Yet, the first step in finding the right lawyer is figuring out which lawyers have experience in the client’s case.

Todd Stockton says that the best way to figure this out is to call the local Bar Association. The Bar Association should have a list of practicing lawyers in the area and their specialties. This one phone call will save the client a lot of research.

Find a Trustworthy Lawyer

Finding a trustworthy lawyer is one of the biggest difficulties that plague clients. Todd Stockton explains that this isn’t because lawyers are untrustworthy. It’s more that people have a hard time finding a lawyer they feel comfortable with. There must be a trust built almost immediately, or the lawyer isn’t right for that client.

Since the client is sharing what’s possibly some of their darkest secrets, it’s imperative that the lawyer is trustworthy. If the client feels uncomfortable in any way with the lawyer, they might hold back. Leaving out any detail of the case, regardless of how invasive it might be, could decide the verdict.

Maintaining Ethics

Springboarding off finding a trustworthy lawyer, it’s also important to find a lawyer who maintains ethical practices. While this isn’t usually an issue, it is something to watch out for when deciding on the right lawyer. If the client doesn’t agree with the moral of their lawyer, they might be dissatisfied, even if they win. Todd Stockton explains that having a clear conscience is paramount. If the lawyer does something the client doesn’t approve of, it’s the client that’s got to burden that guilt.


Fees are a necessary evil when it comes to dealing with lawyers. However, the negotiation of fees is essential to finding the right lawyer. After all, a legal battle might drag on far longer than anticipated. If that happens, the last thing a client wants is to hit a snag in the finances before the trial is concluded.

Todd Stockton assures potential clients that lawyers are usually willing to work with people. However, it’s important to not allow the lawyer to do any work until a contract is signed. Also, ensure that a fee is agreed upon and written in the contract. This protects both parties from future issues.

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