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SmartMetric Puts Its Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Inside Your Chip Credit Card - There Are More Than 7 Billion Chip Cards Issued Globally


NEW YORK, July 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB:SMME) – Following more than a decade of research and development, SmartMetric has created a miniature fingerprint scanner that sits inside your chip credit/debit card.  By simply touching a sensor on the surface of the card scans and matches the cardholders fingerprint and if a match with the prestored fingerprint inside the card, the card is then activated.  

“The scan, match, authentication and card activation takes less then a second according to SmartMetric’s President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick.  Using the power of biometric security within the card itself allows for immediate user validation.  I tremendous leap forward in card security said SmartMetric’s President.”

SmartMetric with it’s dealers and distributors in the USA, Europe and South America are now in talks with the some of the largest card issuers in the world.  Because the SmartMetric biometric card uses existing industry standard payment chips it is easily deployable by Banks and does not require new systems or hardware.

In our talks with Bank card issuers we have learned of two competitors who have seen the market that SmartMetric has created for biometric credit cards.  Unfortunately for these competitors in their rush to come out with a card, they have released a product that does not have a rechargeable battery inside to power their cards.  Unlike the SmartMetric biometric card that is powered by an internal miniature “rechargeable” battery. 

The other cards require the card user to hold the sensor while the card is in the card reader in order for the card to draw power from the reader and consequently providing power to the cards internal processor.  This of course does not allow this card to be used in such places as restaurants that take the card from the table for processing or most ATM’s.  Banks recognize that this is inferior to the SmartMetric self-powered biometric card that allows the user to use their card at all card readers, ATM’s and in all situations the card user my wish to use their card.

We are gratified to have the leading technology in the biometric card space and we will continue are biometric card innovation to ensure we remain the leader in this new and important security market.

According to industry published figures, there are now 7.186 billion chip cards issued by banks globally.   This figure is based on reported figures for 2017.  Figures reported in Q4 of 2017 and represent the latest statistics for from American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Union Pay, and Visa, as reported by their member institutions globally. *

The SmartMetric biometric credit/debit card is designed specifically for use with Chip Cards.  Inside the SmartMetric biometric card is a fully functional fingerprint scanner that uses the card holders pre-stored fingerprint inside the card to match and then activate the card based on the cardholders fingerprint biometrics.

Safer and more secure than a pin number, the cardholders fingerprint is used to activate their enhanced secure credit card, adding increased protection from credit and debit card thieves.   Using the power of biometric technology that is built into the credit/debit card, a card users fingerprint is used to unlock the card as it is inserted into a card reader at a retail store or an ATM.   Simply touching the card, the card holders fingerprint is instantly scanned and matched with the prestored fingerprint inside the card.  In less than a second the users biometrics are scanned and matched allowing the card to then function as it is inserted into the card reader.

“Touch your card and your fingerprint biometrics instantly unlock the card in less than a second.  Safer than a password and so much easier and quicker than entering a PIN,” said today SmartMetric’s President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

The SmartMetric miniaturized biometric fingerprint scanning technology has been engineered and developed by SmartMetric. 

SmartMetric is a United States company with its head office in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It has a team of advanced engineers in Tel Aviv, Israel and has mass manufacturing capacity in various parts of the world.  The company can now manufacture 1 million cards a month and has the capacity to increase this capacity significantly based on product demand.

The SmartMetric biometric card is protected by five (5) recently “issued” patents.  Additional patents are pending.

To view a video of the SmartMetric card follow this link SmartMetric Biometric Card Video  (older card type)

To contact the representative for the SmartMetric biometric credit/security card within the USA please contact PROTEC Secure Card, Tracey Breckenridge at To view their website, 

For more information concerning the new biometric secured credit and security card for South America please contact HOGIER GARTNER CIA S.A., Alvaro Gartner Valencia at  To view their website,

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