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Minister differs local authorities and local elections

Luanda, ANGOLA, July 18 - The minister of Territory Administration and State Reform, Adão de Almeida, called Tuesday in Luanda on journalists and society to "deconstruct" the "reductionist" idea that local authorities are local elections.,

"Most citizens, when they think of autarchy, think of local elections, even in the news, "he said during a meeting with the media operators about the Municipal Legislative Package.


Adão de Almeida understands that this view is reductionist and harmful. That is why the debate with journalists results from the prejudice of this "incorrect pre-understanding of the process," he said.


The official clarified that with the  local authorities, municipalities will have administrative, financial and property autonomy and reduction, in some cases, exclusion from state intervention in certain areas.


He pointed out that the change that is intended to be made in the public administration is not confined to local elections but it is a change that restructures every "status" of centralized government.


The change will cover the public finance organization model, built on the centralized model, from the preparation, approval, execution and oversight of the General State Budget (OGE).


The structure of the organization of competencies, of the intervention and all the organs of the administrative system are built in a centralized perspective which must be changed.


The earring meeting of listening to the operators of Mass Media sector on the Municipal Legislative Package was moderated by the Secretary of State for Mass Media,  Celso Malavoleneke, and representatives of the media.