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Myrna Fischman Returns to CUTV News Radio in a New Radio Series on Contracts

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2018 / -- Contracts are mutually binding agreements between two parties, written or spoken, that legally is intended to be enforceable by law. Many times in our lives we will all be asked to sign contracts but regrettably many of us will hurriedly sign it without reading the fine print an oversight that can end us costing us dearly.

Myrna L. Fischman Ph.D., is an esteemed Professor, Chairman of the Department of Accounting, Taxation and Law at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus and licensed CPA. Myrna has been Chair of the Department of Accounting, Taxation & Law at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University.

“Whether you can be an employee or entrepreneur no matter what line of work you are in in you will be one day be asked to sign a contract,” says Myrna. “Without question it’s absolutely relevant to understand contracts and accounting. Read everything before you sign it because it’s vital to keep excellent records for your own benefit.”

Since her early youth, Myrna displayed a remarkable aptitude for learning and was only fourteen years old when she got her first job as a bookkeeper. Her innate sense of work ethic has prudently guided her throughout her notable, illustrious career. Myrna’s strong desire to continue advising others is a testament to her solid leadership qualities genuine sense of thoughtfulness.

“People should always be mindful of all aspects of their work,” says Myrna. “The most practical approach is by taking business courses to keep you well versed and knowledgeable on every facet of the work you do. I learned through my own experiences that if we are cognizant of anything we sign, we will.”

Myrna double majored in accounting and education with a definitive goal of eventually becoming a Professor and she enjoyed a rewarding career teaching at at C.W. Post. Brooklyn’s campus. As a CPA she learned the value of accounting and how it encourages people to keep vital records.

“Most people will hire an attorney and rely on them to stay on top of everything but that’s not always wise,” says Myrna. “Your lawyer is certainly well-intentioned but it’s up to you to protect yourself in case of any slip ups.”

Myrna is the recipient of a number of prestigious awards including a 2014 Department of the Treasury Award from the IRS, a 1997 Special Director’s Award in Recognition of 40 Years of Service in the Volunteers in Technical Service Program, and most recently a Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award.

She attributes her success to having a good sense of humor and having a strong fellowship with her co workers which she emphasizes is essential in the work place.

“I have experienced so much tremendous joy throughout my career,” says Myrna. “It’s always about learning and teaching others. That’s why I want to keep encouraging people to master everything they can in their chosen careers so they can go on to enjoy the most success they can and live happy productive lives.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Myrna Fischman in an interview with Jim Masters on June 13th, 20th, and 27th at 2 p.m. EST.

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