The Deso Supply Co. Summer Collection Has Officially Arrived

New T-Shirts for Men and Women - Made in California - Inspired by Desolation Wilderness

New T-Shirts for Men and Women - Made in California - Inspired by Desolation Wilderness

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / -- The Deso Supply Co. summer collection has officially arrived.

The line, inspired by time spent in Desolation Wilderness, reveals a variety of men's and women's T-Shirts that will make every trailblazing passerby drop the soft smile and say, “hey, great shirt”. Crafted to seamlessly blend everyday life and adventures off the beaten path, this mix of graphics and distinct colors is the seeker’s choice to brave the elements and roam the city.

The unrelenting belief held by Deso, that clothes should be made domestically and ethically, holds true throughout the collection. Each garment is handmade in California with the Deso team working closely alongside manufacturers to craft the finest details. With the desire to get “way out there” at the root of all creativity, each piece of the collection carries unique characteristics that tell the stories of the adventures that fostered them.

Deso is the unnerving feeling of tranquility that comes with constantly living one step outside of your comfort zone. It’s the inspiration that pushes you to keep going until you’re standing in the middle of life’s best moments, exhausted from the journey but energized by the infrequency of it all. It’s the voice of a generation which speaks to those of us who know that adventure is not a google search away, those of us who long to explore the uncharted frontier, and most of all, those of us who demand authenticity.

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