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Chaitanya Cherukuri Shares Photography Passion By Teaching Free Class at Texas State University

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Chaitanya Cherukuri 8

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Chaitanya Cherukuri 7

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Successful photographer helps others find their passion by teaching free classes at Texas State University.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / -- Chaitanya Cherukuri has always had a love of photographs and photography. Cherukuri’s natural ability for the art started as a child. He was always taking pictures and capturing special moments for his family. When he got older, his interest in photography turned into a passion. Cherukuri learned everything he could about the art form and has found his own style throughout years of practice.

Now, Chaitanya Cherukuri is going to be sharing that passion with the students of Texas State University. Cherukuri will be offering a free class at the school. He is excited to be able to help students learn more about what he has spent a lifetime getting acquainted with.

A Passion for Photography

Photography is everywhere. Everything has the potential to be an image that someone needs. Having a passion for capturing the perfect moment is an exhilarating thrill that people need in their lives. Therefore, having a basic understanding of photography helps people progress in different areas of business.

“Photography has helped me figure out how to see the world differently,” Cherukuri said. “It’s given me the ability to see something for what it is, but also for what it could be. Art makes ordinary things beautiful.”

This philosophy has helped shape Chaitanya Cherukuri’s beliefs, making photography a cornerstone of his life.

Texas State University Students

Texas State University has a diverse student body. There are many students who hope to do many unique things with their life. Chaitanya Cherukuri knows that this class, which focuses on the basics of photography can help them achieve those goals.

Regardless of the field, a student finds themselves in, being able to see something different than everyone else is important. Photography basics teach that and help people visualize what they want. Cherukuri explains that if he wants to get a shot, he must picture it in his mind, to find it in the world. There are many different factors that play into creating the shot and a photographer must decode all those elements. After that, they need to be patient, waiting for the right time for those elements to all come together.

Besides photography, the critical thinking skills involved in photography is what Chaitanya Cherukuri hopes students take out of his class. He wants students to be able to apply those skills to their everyday lives. That way, they’ll have experience in creating the extraordinary out of what everyone else thinks of as ordinary.

Teaching for Free

People are wondering why Chaitanya Cherukuri is teaching this class for free. After all, Cherukuri is a powerful photographer with a useful message. It seems strange to people that he wouldn’t charge for the class.

Chaitanya Cherukuri’s response is that he wants to give people the opportunity to follow their dreams. He knows how hard it is to make it out in the world, especially if the student dreams of being any kind of artist. While there are more opportunities than ever for photographers, writers, and artists, money doesn’t start rolling in overnight. It’s still difficult to find the niche that’s going to feed both body and passion. So, Chaitanya Cherukuri wants to share his experience with future generations, to encourage students to follow their dreams.

To close, Chaitanya Cherukuri is looking forward to sharing his passion with those who have an interest in photography. Plus, he believes that the life skills he has amassed through his interest can help university students in many areas. After all, Chaitanya Cherukuri believes life is an adventure…capture it before it’s gone.

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