Award-winning Filmmaker Zac Chia to Direct the Upcoming Film 'A Good Thing'

Filmmaker Zac Chia shot by Taylor Blackburn

Director and camera operator Zac Chia is slated to direct the upcoming film "A Good Thing" written and produced by Terrence Grant.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2018 / -- Director Zac Chia, the director behind the award-winning films “Room 205,” “Saptapadi,” and several branded content shows for the Overwatch League, is slated to begin production on the upcoming film “A Good Thing.”

Expected to begin shooting in Chicago in the fall, “A Good Thing” follows Tahj, a young college graduate who finally feels that he’s outgrown the social insecurities he faced as a teen. However, after spending a night with Olivia, an ex-girlfriend who he sees as the ‘one that got away,’ Tahj soon realizes he’s developed a new set of unexpected anxieties as an adult.

“A Good Thing” is written and produced by Terrence Grant, the producer behind the 2015 film “Joy,” an award winner at the American Black Film Festival that screened on HBO during Black History Month and depicts a Nigerian middle-aged woman living in America, struggling to convince her traditionalist husband not to circumcise their ten year old daughter.

“A Good Thing” is based around Terrence Grant’s personal experiences. Chia says, “When Terrence pitched me this project over dinner, I constantly felt chills running up my spine. The story felt so real and true… I was incredibly moved by the story, and wanted to bring it to life.”

“I have chosen Zac because he is known among our circle of professionals to have a particular acumen for conveying emotions through color… The visuals for this film are critical and are what will make this film unlike anything anyone has seen. And that is where Zac comes in,” explains Grant. “His experience, his play on color and his various styles in camera movement, placement and technique places Zac among the best I have ever worked with. Having him involved in this project since the inception has greatly benefited the pre-production process of this film.”

In addition to directing the film, which is expected to be released in 2019, Chia will also be serving as the film’s camera operator. Though Chia has earned multiple accolades for his work as a director over the years, he is known throughout the industry for his work as a gimbal and camera operator, as well as a cinematographer, aspects of his visual skill set that naturally carry over to his work as a director.

About his decision to be the camera operator in addition to the director of “A Good Thing,” Chia explains, “The story is incredibly real and true, and I want to be up close and personal with the actors and actresses to capture the moments between them, and what better way to do that than to operate my own camera.”

Chia’s unparalleled talent for capturing the shot has led numerous projects to success in recent years. Earlier this year he served as the gimbal operator on the popular FOX and T-Mobile series “The Four,” the series premiere of the CWseed’s supernatural teen drama “Cupid’s Match,” and several episodes of the Overwatch league’s “Access Granted” series presented by Toyota.

On the series “The Four” Chia worked with cinematographer Arden Tse, who explains, “Saying that working with Zac felt like a smooth sail is a huge understatement. Zac brought a special energy on set that united the crew like a gathered force. I honestly don’t know what makes him so good at what he does… his charisma and professionalism were a few qualities out of the many that make him stand out.”

Chia worked with Arden Tse once again back in May as the gimbal operator and technician on the new commercial for HBUS, a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Silicon Valley that is set to launch later this year, which was directed by Tse.

Tse says, “It was truly an honor to have Zac on our production because he was able to relieve so much stress for me while I’m directing and shooting the project. He carried out the tasks fully on target and beyond. The way he handled his crew in the camera department was also a way of art, as how the camera team ended up enjoying working with him just as much.”

On several projects to date Chia has proven his unique ability to move between the roles of director and camera operator on a production with grace. Prior to serving as the gimbal operator on the new “Access Granted” series for the Overwatch League (OWL), he both directed and served as the camera operator on several branded content episodes for OWL from Blizzard Entertainment.

In 2017 he directed the film “Saptapadi,” which brought to life an honest and beautiful portrayal of two lovers who decide to enjoy the time they have together in spite of the knowledge that they will soon be forced to separate. “Saptapadi” earned Chia extensive praise, including the 2017 Diamond Award from the LA Short Awards. He also earned the Best Action Short Award from the Atlanta Horror Film Festival and the Best Film and Best Cinematography Awards from the Jumpfest Film Festival for his horror film “Room 205.”

In addition to the upcoming film “A Good Thing,” Chia also recently directed the film “Where Things May Grow,” which is currently in post-production and stars Whitney Montgomery from the film “The Third Half,” which took home the Audience Award at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, and Demetrius Hodges from the films “Sleep On It” and “Where the Water Runs.”

Chia says, “I hope to be able to constantly hop between narrative, commercial and branded content, and music video projects as a director and camera operator, and move and leave an impression in my audience. I’d also love to constantly create innovative ways of telling stories, direction, and camera operating.”

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