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John Lloyd Dean Donates $55K to Coffee City

The large donation helped to put Coffee City, Texas on the map.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, TEXAS, July 3, 2018 / -- Coffee City. For many caffeine lovers, that sounds like a great place to live. Akin to how the beloved morning beverage is always there to help, John Lloyd Dean was there for the city. Texas is a large, vast state. There are many different towns all throughout it that many have never heard of before. Whether Coffee City is a place of recognition or a new term, it’s a great area for neighboring cities to wet their whistle.

About Coffee City

Ironically, Coffee City is known for its liquor, more than for its coffee. The small city, which is a total of 6.6 square miles, is in Henderson County. This sliver of land was founded after Lake Palestine was created in 1960. The city itself officially incorporated a decade after.

This is a quiet, down-home city, with around 200 people calling it home. Most of those people are under the age of eighteen. This is especially interesting, considering the allure is not the famed morning beverage.

Instead, Coffee City is a ‘wet city’. This means that alcohol can be served and purchased here. A few of the surrounding towns are ‘dry’. Therefore, finding alcohol is difficult. So, people travel to Coffee City to get their adult beverage fix.

Dean’s Donation to Coffee City

However, John Lloyd Dean wanted this beautiful city to be able to break away from their prime method of being recognized. Dean wanted to give Coffee City a chance to flourish. He knew that the city was far more than simply liquor stores. Although that isn’t inherently bad, it disallowed the city to aspire to be anything else.

So, John Lloyd Dean donated $55K to the whole of Coffee City. This was, obviously well-regarded and allowed the city to make much-needed changes. It allowed the city to enact a more child-friendly atmosphere. This helped most of the city’s occupants find more hobbies. After all, donating to the city didn’t simply help the government. It helped the schools, the businesses, and the ability to advertise the city.

Coffee City Reimagined

While the city is still a wet city and people still visit for the access to alcohol, there’s more of an allure to the town. The name of the city is gaining exposure and there is even a Coffee City USA coffeehouse nearby. In addition to exotic and delightful brews, the business also boasts a line of merchandise that’s focused around coffee. Changes like this have given the city a chance to be more than just a liquor run. It’s allowed their potential to flourish.

To close, John Lloyd Dean is proud to be able to offer such a large donation to a city in need. Dean enjoys the heart of that city and loves watching it blossom. Knowing that he was able to help the city through his donation makes it even better. Plus, Coffee City will always be grateful. John Lloyd Dean awarded them a gift that the city never thought was possible.

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