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Frank Lennix Explains 30 Ways To Find A Good Plumber

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2018 / -- Frank Lennix, who has been a plumber for three decades, continues to be surprised at the fact that so many homeowners do not have the contact details of a plumber in their address book. They often leave this until the last minute, rushing online once they have a problem. He points out that people could save themselves a lot of time and money by finding a trustworthy and reliable plumber whom they can call not just when they have an emergency but also for regular maintenance. This is why he has listed 30 ways for people to find such a professional.

Frank Lennix's 30 Ways to Find a Reliable Plumber

1. Ask people you know if they know a reliable plumber. Those who are new to the area can also use this opportunity to get to know their neighbors. Speaking to others will also allow them to find out which plumbers to avoid.

2. Obtain at least three recommendations from other people or online reviews.

3. Understand your own plumbing system to ensure that you find a plumber that can meet your needs.

4. Use online directories to find local plumbers in your area.

5. Make sure to have a plumber's contact details in your address book so that you can resolve any emergency as and when it happens.

6. Do not simply call the first plumber you find online, even if it is an emergency. Frank Lennix explains that the first plumber found on search engines is not necessarily a good plumber, but rather someone good at online marketing.

7. Search through professional review websites to find a good plumber, including the BBB and the BCA.

8. Ask your home insurance company for recommendations, regardless of whether or not they cover your plumbing.

9. Find plumbers who are experienced in the problems that are common with your particular plumbing system, including appliance brands.

10. Find out what your local and state licensing requirements are for plumbers. Frank Lennix explains that this is important for insurance and liability purposes as well.

11. Discuss with prospective plumbers their licenses, their insurance, and their work history.

12. Make sure that your plumber is licensed.

13. Find out whether any work completed will have a warranty.

14. Telephone or email a prospective plumber and request a no obligation estimate.

15. Look into how long the plumbing company has been in business. Lennix explains that this tells you whether they engage in good business practices and customer service.

16. Ask the plumber for recommendations and references and follow these up.

17. Find out what kind of training your plumber has received, if he has any certifications, and whether he has kept his knowledge up to date.

18. Look into membership of any professional plumbing organizations that your contractor may have. Again, this guarantees the quality of service.

19. Read the small print of your quote so you can understand the variables that may affect the price.

20. If you have a specific plumbing problem, find out how often your contractor has had to deal with one that was similar.

21. Make sure your plumber has not only liability insurance but also worker's compensation insurance.

22. Always request at least three estimates from different plumbers to find a fair price.

23. Search for value for money, which is not necessarily the cheapest price.

24. Get to know your plumbing system and know the most likely problems you will experience with it.

25. Interview plumbers over the phone to ensure you feel comfortable with them.

26. Make sure your plumber is not only licensed as a general contractor. Frank Lennix explains that their requirements are far less strict and therefore not good enough.

27. Find out whether the plumber also has any specialized knowledge, for instance, with regards to septic tanks or ground source heat pumps.

28. Make sure you know how long your plumber will take to complete the job at hand.

29. Find out the level of insurance coverage of your plumber.

30. Make sure that you receive a quotation based on a visual inspection of the job at hand, and not solely an estimate over the telephone.

According to Frank Lennix, using the 30 tips above to find a good plumber will ensure that most homeowners can avoid really large plumbing problems. The plumbing system is integral to the integrity of a home and must be taken seriously. By having the contact details of a trustworthy plumber on hand at all times, very serious issues can be avoided.

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