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U.S. Senate Candidate Proposes $25,000 Income Tax Credit for Teachers

$25,000 Tax Credit to the bottom line

Helping to promote education by recognizing our teachers and the role they play in the lives of our children

Teaching is the one profession which makes all others possible”
— Barry Michaels

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, CLARK, June 20, 2018 / -- Barry Michaels, a well known Las Vegas businessman, is running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada and is passionate about education. Barry believes everything begins with education whether it’s in the home, or the classroom.

When elected, Barry’s first plan of action will be to introduce a new legislative bill he calls: “The National Teachers Tax Relief Act of 2019”. This legislation will provide every K - 12 public school teacher with a $25,000 a year federal income tax credit. Since most teachers are grossly underpaid this tax credit will help retain our current public school teachers as well as attract new ones to this notoriously underpaid profession.

Barry believes the quality of our public education system should be the same regardless of where you live, what school you attend, or what your economic status is. That’s why he supports Common Core a method of standardized instruction currently adopted by 45 states of the 50 states. In addition, Barry has created a plan to forgive student loans which in his eyes is a win for the student and our country.

Barry has never held public office, but is not new to the political arena. He’s run for Congress and has multiple academic degrees. It was during this time, Barry realized it was the parties, not the candidates, who controlled elections. Like many Americans, Barry became fed up with the two party system and has chosen to run as an independent candidate, free from party influence. He is running in a highly contested race against Dean Heller, the Republican incumbent and Jacky Rosen, a virtual unknown Democratic Congresswoman who decided to run for the Senate immediately after being elected to the House.

Barry brings fifty years of business experience, knowledge and a plethora of common sense to a legislative body that traditionally lacks any. Given his life experience, Barry can relate to all constituents whether they’re rich or poor, educated or not.

Barry Michaels
Barry Michaels For U.S. Senate 2018
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