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Dr. Kam Habibi Explains When You Don't Have To Tip

Dr. Kam Habibi explains the social norm of tipping in America and when it isn’t necessary.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2018 / -- Tipping is a strange part of American culture. That much is widely known. However, what is even stranger is the little-known rules Americans use to tip. After all, while a tip is expected for most services, it isn’t expected for all services.

It’s undoubtedly a confusing system, but it must be followed to avoid becoming a social pariah.
(Yes, people who don’t tip are shamed, sometimes via social media, for what is considered a societal crime.)

However, it’s important to note that there is no actual law stating that you must tip anyone.
Thankfully, Dr. Kam Habibi explains the situations where you don’t have to tip.

House Cleaning Services

This is probably the most straightforward optional tipping scenario on this list. Cleaning services are usually paid hourly, or daily. Unlike the restaurant business, people who clean houses are not relying solely on tips to survive (thankfully). Therefore, it isn’t a social faux pas.

Plus, if they’re cleaning your home, it isn’t a public space, so it’s likely no one will notice if you don’t tip.

Although, with that being said, everyone likes to be rewarded for their good work. So, if you’re feeling generous, there’s nothing wrong with tipping house cleaning services.

They will certainly appreciate it.

Fast Food Restaurants

Instead of sitting down to a meal, visitors can avoid tipping altogether if you eat anything that’s considered fast food.

Dr. Kam Habibi understands that this can be confusing, considering the people are doing about the same service.

Yet, if you dine at a McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, or any other fast food restaurant, do not tip.
Your bill is your bill and that’s all you must pay. Even if they deliver the food to your table or car, you do not tip.

Pick-Up Services

Often, pick-up services are also delivery services. Dr. Kam Habibi explains this is common for American Chinese food and pizza.

This is extremely confusing, considering there are two completely different social statutes for the same business.

However, the rule is always if you are going to the place of business and picking up the order, there’s no need to tip.

However, if the service is delivered, a tip is expected.

Bad Service

Now, this is the part where Dr. Kam Habibi wishes to stress the point that was made earlier: There is no law that states you must tip.

Therefore, if the service, whether it’s in a restaurant or another establishment, does not provide good service, you shouldn’t tip. Everyone will understand that. The waiter or waitress might be upset with you, but if they didn’t deserve it, they’ll know.

Yet, Dr. Kam Habibi also wants to point out that people shouldn’t go looking for an excuse not to tip. That is in extremely bad form. While it won’t get you into trouble, it also won’t make you a popular guest in any establishment.

To close, hopefully, you’ve learned a little bit about where it’s appropriate not to tip. Dr. Kam Habibi knows that the American tipping culture is a strange one.

Although, if you follow these instances of when not to tip, you’ll be more prepared for when tipping is expected.

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