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ECoinmerce Signs the Declaration of Currency Independence

 Supports financial independence for all; joins intellectual and ideological call to arms

SINGAPORE, June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ECoinmerce, the world’s first decentralized and tokenized E-commerce marketplace, today proudly announces they have signed the Declaration of Currency Independence (DCI) and will encourage all customers and business partners to do the same.

The DCI was created by cryptocurrency influencer John McAfee to raise awareness of the unfair and arbitrary control that governments and private entities hold over current financial ecosystems. It continues by heralding cryptoassets as a “viable escape” from this control and emphasizing their key role in the survival of oppressed topics as well as the collective masses.

This mission aligns with the core values of ECoinmerce and the company showed its support by signing the declaration at block height 5738605.

“We could not agree more with Mr. McAfee,” said ECoinmerce COO Rex Chen. “Cryptocurrencies offer alternatives to the oppressed who live in manipulated systems. They protect from hyperinflation that we’re currently seeing in Venezuela and elsewhere. Most importantly, they offer true financial freedom as well as transparency and trust in the exchange of value.”

ECoinmerce recently showed support for another of McAfee’s ventures by declaring they will accept the McAfee Redemption Unit (MRU) for all goods sold through their platform. The company also plans to create networking groups for DCI and MRU enthusiasts to lobby product suppliers, companies, and manufacturers to support both initiatives.

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